-[FF]-Rawrie's Idle/Trade Admin Application!

-[FF]-Rawrie's Idle/Trade Admin Application!

Postby Rawrie » Sat Dec 10, 2016 4:36 pm

In-Game name(s): -[FF]-Rawrie, Kuro ドラゴン

I am applying for admin on the -[DISC-FF.com] [24/7 Idle/Trade] servers.

My SteamID is STEAM_0:0:36847692 and Steam community page is http://steamcommunity.com/id/heyyywhats ... carcehere/.

Admins who have referred me: -[FF]-NekoPafu™, Sir Spookleton.

I would make a good admin because I have a very different, cool type of personality. I'm fun, witty, and make casual, silly jokes nearly all the time. As of the time I've been on the servers before this application, people have started to grow a bit of a liking for me because of my personality, the way I speak, and say things. A lot of people recognize me and it's only been such a short time being a regular on the server. But regardless of that, I am firm and straight to the point when it comes to rule breakers, but only to people that break the rules to make the server less fun for others or cause something toxic to explode on the server. To the rest of the people, I'm a fun, chill type of guy that everyone can relate to and have all sorts of fun with.

Other things I should mention is that I have low patience, so things might get a bit strict and pushy on my side. However, I am able to keep this sustained and not take it too far unless I really, really have to. I'd say that this is something some admins need, the guts to say and get things done when they need to be. I'd make a good filling for that spot, since I tend to get strict and straight to the point without making things irrational. Another thing I should mention is that I am a very, VERY chill type of dude. This would definitely be nice in the server, make it so that the tension loosens and it's all nice and smooth from there by just the sound of my voice. I'm also a bit of a joker. I make a lot of dumb, witty jokes that don't surpass boundaries of other people, given that I know the boundaries of the people I joke about. Summarizing, I don't take things too far while still managing to be fun and enjoyable!

Carrying on, I've also had a bunch of experience being an admin prior. I've been an admin on the Playboy Fortress community a while back, until I dropped out due to the problem of a lot of admins losing their power for absolutely no reason. The crisis was so big that I decided to leave the community in general. I've also had experience being an admin on my friend's DarkRP server in Garry's Mod, given that only 11 people joined daily, it was still fun to run and manage. But now I'm a regular on these three -[FF]- Idle servers and it's been tons of fun with lots of good people to play with and look forward to seeing daily. Other than that, I run my own Discord server with reasonable rules, and have managed it for quite a few months now with absolutely no problems from the other members.

* Carrying further, I do have a fully functional, crystal clear Blue Snowball as a microphone. I use it all the time whilst I'm active on the servers. *

* Carrying even FURTHER, I do have ~6000 hours on TF2. I have a large amount of experience when it comes to dealing with the community in general. *

* CARRYING EVEN FURTHER, around the time the voting would commence, is also around the time I would be starting in my early college program at school. I won't be as active, but I'll definitely still be able to play just about every day to chill and have fun. *

Hope you guys like this application, I spent a lot of time and re-reading and editting. Securing a spot on these Idle servers would be tons and tons of fun. Happy voting!
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Re: -[FF]-Rawrie's Idle/Trade Admin Application!

Postby Sir Spookleton » Sat Dec 10, 2016 6:33 pm

Neutral, for now. I have never seen you on the servers before, and looking at your play-time on said servers; you don't even have 3 days combined across Idle 1 - 3.

Pluserino referrino. We kinda need more Admins.
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Re: -[FF]-Rawrie's Idle/Trade Admin Application!

Postby Neko » Sat Dec 10, 2016 8:57 pm

Sir Spookleton wrote:Neutral, for now. I have never seen you on the servers before, and looking at your play-time on said servers; you don't even have 3 days combined across Idle 1 - 3.

I was thinking about this and I know Rawrie will have his time on the servers up before voting takes place. I almost withdrew my referral, however Rawrie has already proven he would be a great addition to the admin team by making good relations with regulars, listening to and following rules, as well as reporting to me when necessary and establishing a firm ground of communication and respect on the servers overall. Due to these reasons I am confirming my +ref.
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Re: -[FF]-Rawrie's Idle/Trade Admin Application!

Postby SpicyCandy » Sat Jan 07, 2017 11:24 pm

Application review date pushed back to February.
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