Another Gross Frankie Fanfic: Dongle x MewMew

Another Gross Frankie Fanfic: Dongle x MewMew

Postby Frankie » Thu Sep 29, 2016 4:27 am

Hello, I come back with another odd fanfic. THIS HAS MATURE CONTENT, THIS IS YOUR WARNING.

I would love some opinions, by the way.

Here you go, DonglexMewMew:

Spoiler: show
After a fun date with Marsh, Mew takes a bus home and returns to her apartment. Its raining, but it seems like nothing will take her smile away after a great date like that. Marsh gave her a snow globe, a necklace, and a kitten calendar. "Wow, date was so amazing," Mew says to herself with a wide smile on her face, "can this night get ANY better?" She opens her front door and turns on her living room light... and Dongle is sitting on her couch and is reading one of her many porn magazines. Mew freezes solid, the smile wipes off her face instantly, and drops her bag containing the snow globe and calendar.

"Impressive magazine collection you have here, Mew." Dongle says. "When did you buy this? I hope you have some money left over."

"H-hi Dongle, w-what are you doing here?" Mew stutters nervously as she slowly walks over to her front door, hoping to escape.

Dongle slams the magazine on the pile of other magazines on the couch and stands up. "You still owe me money. I want the rest of it now." Mew stumbles and lands on the ground and starts pleading. "Dongle, please. I can give it to you tomorrow, I just need more time, please. I ca-"

"Shut the hell up." Dongle interrupts. "I gave you 2 thousand dollars, woman! You have been giving me excuses for over a month now and I'm sick of it. If you don't have my money now, you will pay me in other ways." Mew tries to crawl to her phone to call for help. Dongle walks over to Mew and grabs her foot. "P-please Dongle," Mew begs,"I can give it to you tomorrow! I just need m-" Dongle covers her mouth with a rag. Her vision goes blurring and collapses on the ground.

2 hours pass and Mew wakes up on her bed, she tries to struggle but her hands are tied behind her back and her feet are tied together. She can't speak because 2 pairs of socks are stuffed in her mouth. She looks around and she notices that she is in her bedroom with no one else present. However, the bedroom door opens, and Dongle walks in. Mew is stunned to what he is wearing, but is also somewhat aroused. Dongle is wearing a black and red, full body latex suit. The suit has holes that show his eyes, mouth, and his hard, twitching cock.

"Hello Mew, do you like what you see~?" Dongle asks, "I hope so, you're also wearing one." Dongle aims a mirror at her and shows her hogtied body. She is wearing a matching latex suit, just like Dongle, but instead there is no hole between her legs and she is wearing nothing over her head. Mew's excitement rises the more she looks at her body. She moves around and the suit tightens on her body more, making her body feel hotter. Dongle walks over to her and grabs her hair, causing her to squeak and wiggle. "What an adorable little kitten we have here." Dongle says as he pulls her hair. Mew can't help but drool and wiggle even more. "Do you enjoy this, little kitten?" He asks. Mew creates a small moan and arouses Dongle even more.

"I am going to enjoy this and I hope you enjoy it, too." Dongle removes the socks from her mouth, letting her mouth move freely. "D-dongle..." Mew says as drools slightly, scared but at the same time turned on. "Aww~, it's OK Mew, you'll be fine. Just close your eyes and open your mouth, it will be over soon." Dongle says as he combs his fingers through her hair. "Y-yes Dongle Daddy~." Moans Mew.

Dongle grabs his dripping cock and slowly moves closer and closer to Mew's mouth. Mew licks her lips and tries to beg for that thick cock to get closer, but she can't for some reason. She tries to scream as loudly as possible, but nothing to coming out of her mouth. The dick moves closer to her widened jaw, and Mew is at the point of crying because she doesn't know what is going on with her voice. The dick touches the tip of her tongue...

...and she wakes up. She sits up straight and realizes that she was in a dream. She looks at her body and notices that she is wearing her pj's instead of a latex suit. She looks around the room and see's no one else in the room. "Holy shit," says Mew as she grabs her hair, "that was intense as shit. I better pay Dongle today." She grabs her phone, calls Dongle and makes a meetup with him to give him his money. She gets out of bed, cleans herself up, eats some breakfast, and leaves her apartment for work. As she slams her front door shut, a picture of Mew and Marsh falls from a shelf...

...and lands in a laundry basket, right next to 2 pairs of stained socks.


I hope you enjoyed it. If any of you want more, please message me. I do not think I will make anymore without requests.

Thank you for reading.
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I love you all. Full Homo.
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