Contest Info

    How To Enter Unusual Contest

    1. You MUST be in the Fire Friendly Steam Group. Click the Join Group button below.

    2. Once you have joined the Steam Group you can check if you have been verified by typing !contest in chat. If you see a ranking list you are good to go. It can take a few minutes for Steam to update your profile info and send it to the server, so if it doesn't work right away check again in a few minutes.

    3. After you have been verified every 20-30 minutes you will get a popup menu with a multiple choice trivia question. Answering the question right gives you a point.

    4. Multiple prizes will be given out once the contest has ended. The grand prize (the unusual hat) will be award by lottery to the top 10 players with the most points. Other prizes (Month of Premium VIP, TF2 Keys) will be given to players in the top 50.


  • !contestinfo Opens this page.
  • !contest If you aren't in the Steam Group you will get a popup asking you to join. If you are in the group you will get a popup menu listing everyones points and other contest info.
  • !join Opens to the Fire Friendly Steam Group.
  • !contestranks Opens to a web page to easily view rankings.

    Click For Contest Ranks Page

    Prize List

  • Players in the Top 10 Unusual Hat (pick one) - One Winner [Everyone in Top 10 who didn't win will get a TF2 Key.]
  • Players in the Top 50 One Month Premium VIP (type !vip in chat for more info) - Three Winners

    Donated by ihop