VIP Info

    How To Get VIP

    There are two different types of VIP:

    Basic VIP: To get Basic VIP on a server you simply add our server to your Favorites List in-game. Once you do that just connect to the server you just added via your Favorites and that's it. You must add each server to your Favorites that you want Basic VIP perks on.

    How do I add a server to my Favorites List? Simple, just connect to the server you wish to add. Then press your ESC key, click the Change Server button, go to Favorites tab and click on the Add Current Server Button.

    Premium VIP: To get Premium VIP you will need to donate 3 TF2/CS:GO Keys (CS:GO Keys Preferred). Every 3 Keys you donate will give you 31 days of VIP on ALL our servers which allow people VIP perks. You can purchase permanent Premium VIP for 30 TF2/CS:GO Keys.

    How do I donate Keys/Items? I will be accepting all donations via Trade Offers only to my account. Click the Trade Offer button below to send me Keys. I will accept and add your VIP as soon as I come online.


    Features List

  • iRobot [Basic VIP]
  • Resize Head [Basic VIP]
  • Color Me [Basic VIP]
  • Kill Streak [Basic VIP]
  • Outline Glow [Basic VIP - Not Available in Freak Fortress]
  • Trails [Premium VIP]
  • Tails [Premium VIP]
  • VIP Tag/Chat Color [Premium VIP]
  • Resize Body [Premium VIP - Trades/Idles Only]
  • Scale Body [Premium VIP - Trades/Idles/Surf/Slender Only]
  • Portal Gun [Premium VIP - Trades/Idles Only]
  • Jetpack [Premium VIP - Trades/Idles Only]
  • Skybox/Boxing [Premium VIP - Trades/Idles Only]
  • Building Hats/Effects [Premium VIP]
  • Kart [Premium VIP - Trades/Idles/Slender/MarioKart Only]
  • Reserve Slot Immunity [Premium VIP]
  • Voice Pitch [Premium VIP]

    VIP Specifics

  • iRobot will allow you to turn yourself into a robot [Type !robot in chat to toggle this on/off]
  • You can resize your head big or small [Type !head <.3 to 3> in chat to change it's size]
  • Type !colorme < color > in chat to change the color of your entire body [Here is a list of colors: normal, black, red, green, blue, yellow, purple, cyan, orange, pink, olive, lime, violet, lightblue, silver, chocolate, saddlebrown, indigo, ghostwhite, thistle, aliceblue, steelblue, teal, gold, tan, tomato]
  • Type !ks in chat to give yourself 100 kill streak score [If you have a professional kill streak weapon your eye effects will turn on]
  • Type !glow in chat to make your outline glow [People will be able to see you through walls and you can set your outline color]
  • You can give yourself a trail that follows you by typing !trails in chat [There are a bunch of different pictures to choose from]
  • A pretty unique mod we have allows you to give yourself a tail [We currently have: Fox Tail, Tiger Tail, Charizard Tail and Alien Tail]
  • Everyone with Premium VIP gets a [VIP] tag in front of their name along with a custom chat text color [You can turn these on/off by typing !vipchat]
  • You can resize yourself by typing !size in chat [As long as your size isn't normal you can't deal damage to others or be dealt damage by others]
  • You can scale yourself by typing !scale in chat [This will let you resize your head, torso, hands and even your weapon]
  • Yes, this is a real Portal Gun [Type !portal in chat to equip the Portal Gun and enjoy]
  • You can fly around the make using the VIP Jetpack [Type !settings in chat to toggle between having jetpack bound to a key or just holding down spacebar]
  • Depending on the server all Premium VIPs have instant access to the boxing area and skybox [These can be accessed by typing !boxing or !skybox into chat]
  • Premium VIPs are able to place a unusual hat on their sentry and dispenser [You can turn this on by typing !buildinghats. If you dislike the hat/effect you get type !rerollhat to give your buildings a new random hat and effect]
  • You can ride in a TF2 Bumper Kart by typing !kart into chat [You can bump into people and deal them damage and they can hurt you as well. Right clicking will give you a short speed boost]
  • You are immune from being kicked by the reserve slot plugin [Only Admins can use reserve slots]
  • You can change the Voice Pitch of your characters voice [You can have very deep voice or high pitch voice]

    DISCLAIMER: No refunds will be given for any VIP donations. Your VIP will be removed if abuse your perks to give yourself a advantage in combat.