Princess Leia

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Princess Leia

Postby SpiritSolo » Wed Mar 13, 2019 6:37 am

Boss name: Princess Leia (From Star wars franchise).

Boss info: Rebels leader against the Empire.

Model Download: ... 0612025311 (I didn't find this model in gmod or a link relationed with the image, but I'd want to see this model)

Boss class : Spy

Boss weapon : Pomson 6000 and Jarate (grenade launcher projectile, like Link)

Pomson 6000:
1 click = 3 insta-fast shots (no reload)
-10% firing speed
+80% damage (8 shots to destroy buildings)
Alt-fire : Full charged shot (Cow mangler projectile) (10 seconds of cooldown to use it again)

Grenade launcher projectile:
80 damage and makes slow the victims

Boss health: 34k hp with ful players (31)

Boss abilities:
-Fast weigh down
-A little low gravity on normal jumps
-+50% knockback resistance

-Boss rage #1 (40% rage) : Create a small force field wich gives her: Batalion's backup, Quick Fix and Vaccinatos perks in 10 seconds (It only works if she's inside the force field) (15 seconds of cooldown to use it again)

-Boss rage #2 (60% rage) : Summon 5 minions (normal soldier, heavy, engineer or sniper, you'll be forced to be any of these classes) (with rebels models ... ars+rebels) (Minions can enter the force field and have the same perks)(Minions will be summoned in blue spawn) (40 seconds to use the rage again)

-Boss rage #3 (100% rage) : Stun for 3 seconds (low area) and your primary weapon will be replaced by SMG for 10 seconds
+100% damage
+50% Firing speed
No reload

Voice lines :

Soundtracks :
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