John Wick Suggestion

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John Wick Suggestion

Postby RevolverOceloto » Wed Apr 10, 2019 8:54 am

Seth is back in town. kind of.

Boss Name: John Wick

Boss Info: The most lethal and dangerous assassin and hitman. you kill his dog. he's gonna hunt you down.

Model Download: ... =407143697

Boss Class: Sniper

Boss Weapons: Machete/Kukri. He has a pistol as a secondary weapon. unlimited ammo. 85 Damage per shop. 50% rage for a Shotgun. 75% rage for an AWPer hand

Boss Health: 1375 Per Player

Boss Abilities: Disarmament (Use 55 rage and the next three players you hit will be stunned regardless of their current status. Ubered. bonked. with a shield. etc) Expert Martial Artist (One Hit KO With his machete. Shield cannot save you. the rest items that can save you like Uber and bonk stay the same)

Boss Rage: ''Rage'' John wick's fury and relentless assault gives him the power to dish out more damage. His weapon damage has
been increased. Pistol 100. Shotgun. 95. AWPer. 300. all for 7 seconds

Sound Track Download (or YT Video):

Voice Clips Download (or YT Video): (When john wick's fight ends with him winning. ''Whoever it is. i will kill them. i will kill them all'')(Find whatever quotes you see fit. my picks for the quotes are.

''It's personal now'' when he gets backstabbed ''Sniper just ate a bullet of mine'' (When he kills a sniper) ''Dont talk dont die'' (When he kills a scout) ''Sit down. and stay down'' (when he kills someone random)
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