Freak Fortress 2: Shantae

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Freak Fortress 2: Shantae

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Boss Name: Shantae
Boss Info: 'Ret-2-Go!'\nSuper Jump: alt-fire, look up and release.\nWeigh-down: in midair, look down and crouch.\nRisky's Hat: Glide in the air by pressing the SPACE button.\nSee your HUD for a list of usable abilities and the cost of each RAGE.
Model Download: Model and Materials are included in the rar file (provided here: ... sp=sharing, in case original link fails provided here: ... e.rar/file)
Boss Class: Scout
Boss Weapons: The Persian Persuader
Boss Health: ((650+n)*n)^1.04
Boss Abilities: Super Jump, Parachute used by pressing Space after jumping
Boss Rage:
She has AMS (Ability Management System (Basically you can choose whatever RAGE you wanna activate (Switching by pressing RELOAD))):
-Gets the Strength and Haste powerup (requires 80% Rage)
-Gets Knockback Immunity, the defensive buff and the Resistance powerup (requires 60% Rage)
-Gets Flying Guillotines (requires 30% Rage)
-Gets the warlock powerup (requires 40% Rage)
-Gets Ubercharge (requires 50% Rage)
-Stuns everyone around her (requires 45% Rage)
Sound Track Download (or YT Video): Dance Through the Danger/We Love Burning Town (both included in rar file)
Voice Clips Download (or YT Video): All voice clips needed are in the rar file.

This Boss also requires the following Plug-ins for her to properly work: ... 1540238636 "Subplugin"
The second plug-in called "M7 Customizable" should be in with the rar file. "TF Conditions" ... stcount=17 "Epic Scout's Subplugin" "Dynamic Defaults"

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