Bowser Boss Suggestion

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Bowser Boss Suggestion

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I know we already had a Bowser Hale in the past, but that one just seemed kinda unoriginal and clunky. I have now thought of a creative way to re-add him with more interesting abilities and stats.
Boss Name: Bowser

Info: The evil king of the koopas. He has existed since 1983 and is archenemies with the Mario Brothers. Bowser has also attempted to capture Princess Peach and take over the Mushroom Kingdom several times, but was thwarted by Mario every time.

Model Download: ... ext=Bowser

Boss Class: Heavy

Weapon: Fists (Damage could be 195-220 on hit)

Boss Health: About 31k on a full 32 player server

Boss Abilities:
- 80-90% Knockback Resistance. Bowser is a big and heavy fighter, so that should reflect in his stats.
- Instant Weighdown. This is meant to reflect an attack Bowser used in Super Mario Bros. 3, called the Bowser Bomb. The Bowser Bomb involves him ground-pounding his enemy beneath him.
- Speed: Same speed as a Soldier except 35% faster.
- Access to Super Jump.

Bowser would have 3 rages.
- Rage #1: Starts at 40% Rage. Bowser would shoot a powerful fireball from his mouth. This fireball would be a fireball from TF2 Halloween events/the Fire Breath rtd. The fireball would deal 216 damage and deal a total of 84 damage of afterburn, adding up to 300 damage.
- Rage #2: Starts at 60% Rage. Bowser would get access to 5 hammers he could throw at the enemy. These hammers would be reskinned Flying Guillotines that look like Homewreckers. Hammers would do 125 damage on a direct hit and wouldn't cause the target to bleed. Instead, a hammer would cause the enemy to get a 15% speed decrease for 3 seconds. Source:
- Rage #3: Starts at 100%. Bowser roars in anger and gets access to a powerful flamethrower. This flamethrower isn't capable of air blasting, but deals very high fire damage up close, having around the same DPS as Heavy's Minigun. Bowser would get a 10% speed increase and uber for 8 seconds. This flamethrower has infinite ammo and lasts for as long as the uber does. Afterburn would be the same damage as a stock Pyro with the stock Flamethrower and last just as long.

Voice and Music Clips: ... sp=sharing

I honestly think that a Bowser with these abilities seems like a much better option than simply having one with a Super Huo Long Heater.
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