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Boss Name: Yoshi
Boss Info: Throw eggs at your opponents. You can also spawn mini Yoshi's to overwhelm RED team!
Model Download: Yoshi 1 or Yoshi 2 (I can pay for a new model/adjustments, $$ is no issue)
.....Also, egg model.
Boss Class: Scout
Boss Weapons: None (his own fists)
Boss Health: ~1000 / player (so 32 players - > 32k health)
Boss Abilities: 2 options, pick 1:
1) Teleports. Play's exactly like Jeff the Killer (except throws eggs instead of cleavers).
2) Superjumps. Like Shulk, he can toggle between Red, Blue, and Green (default) Yoshi.
.....Red: Touching him sets you on Fire
.....Blue: You move slightly faster
.....Green: Slightly reduced knockback
Boss Rage: Spawns mini yoshis
Sound Track Download (or YT Video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7i8ZHDNHyM
Voice Clips Download (or YT Video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9_dw0YwVm8
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