Dalek Rework suggestion (Freak Fortress 2)

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Dalek Rework suggestion (Freak Fortress 2)

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There's been this complain about Dalek (especially because skilled players like me :wave:, tho that doesn't matter much because it's something that happens with every skilled players as any boss) through the years, and I didn't care much about it because I just thought he was still a challenge boss after getting the many buffs and the weapon update in Jungle inferno. But after playing a lot with him and against him. I just realized, he's just not fun fight against as red team also it's the fact i'm a bit worried people might overnerf wrong stuff. I'm gonna list Dalek's problems (Not gonna count maps like Nova prospekt where Dalek is kinda OP because it's Nova, many bosses are broken in that map) .

1. Depends too much on a powerful grappling hook: Dalek's grappling hook is so fast and easy to use that can be painfully annoying for people, like "Can you stop jumping around the map ffs" and the main problem here is, if he doesn't use that and just plays normally on terrain, he's really dead, not being able to aim properly because of the knockback, Old Dalek was fine-ish with this because he had a powerful bison to insta kill everyone on long range but we're now here with a range damage distance, for example maps with open space (Jurassic Park) where most people play around the control point which doesn't have many buildings to hook so dalek has to suffer, so thing here is, if he uses grappling hook, can be too annoying. If not, then he becomes fragile.

2. Spam Rage: Now something that red team people also hates so much is people spamming a lot rage, which only happens when the boss has a very low rage ratio (Between 1k to 3k damage to rage). Dalek has something near 3k damage to use his rage + he has a large hitbox so it's very easy to do tons of damage in a few seconds + his rage is a 8 seconds of uber, which is so annoying, some players not being to do damage because hale is spamming uber a lot and destroying red team, and the same situation Hook has, if he doesn't use rage that much, he's pretty much fucked up (which is something i did occasionally and didn't end well).

Now here's a list of what I think we can change on Dalek to work

1. Replace Grappling Hook to Fly ability (the same Static Shock has): Adding the Fly ability might sound like a huge nerf, but this also could help him a bit, the point of the fly is so Dalek now will have a cooldown to stay on terrain and not jump around the map for the whole round, and also it could help him to use it on maps where his hook wasn't that helpful. Now because of this Dalek should need some little buffs to balance that.

2. Knockback Immunity: Now the hook had something so bosses don't get knockback and still move, now with the fly ability he should need this buff so he can move around the map and not get pushed away.

3. Bison projectile changed to Pomson with hitbox and damage buff: Now I couldn't decide properly on this because I was a bit worried it could go wrong, but here's the point, so with all of these changes, now it'll be much harder to get close to the enemy and get the high damage close range and also because the bison projectile can be very annoying for spies, now the damage buff should be like 105 (long range) - 250 (short range).

4. Slightly higher HP: (Again) with the Hook removed, it'd be easier to shot him + the cooldown fly has which will make him stay on terrain and be vulnerable.

4. Rage change:
4.1 Replace Uber with high damage reduction and backstab stun immunity (probably same as Shovel Knight has): as I said in the list of problems, not being able to do anything because hale keeps being invulnerable for the whole round is so annoying, so he needs those so he doesn't get destroyed by ubers, uber spies, stun and crits when using rage and so players can do a bit of damage to him
4.2 Increase rage ratio (to 5k - 6k): Now with the HP buff, he might need this nerf to prevent spam rage
4.3 During rage, Pomson projectile changed to current bison crits (+200% damage, no hitbox buff like the actual dalek has with rage): This is so his rage can still have that feeling of being powerful and so he won't get stuck with many ubers and still be able to do something.

Now here's some stuff that'll also stay on this rework (to prevent some accidental removes)
- Building damage buff (4 shots)
- Faster reload
- Stun on rage

Now the point of this rework is to make Dalek a less annoying boss to fight but without making him be so underpowered like he used to be before, and also because I think a real accurate Dalek can be interesting for FF2, I think this won't be as hard as my old Grievous suggestion was because we already have many of the stuff like fly from other bosses, rage changes, etc, just a speculation.
I had fun making this post because in the process i was talking to other people how it should work.
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