Borderlands 2 Zero Boss

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Borderlands 2 Zero Boss

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I fondly remember a surprisingly balanced boss from a (now defunct) FF2 server in the past. I figure i could bring the idea here too, as it is a boss that demands quite some skill and strategy to play as/against.

(Borderlands 2) Zero
Music: Borderlands 2 Hero's Pass Combat ... 3&index=58
Sounds: (There's some variation with the sounds, even intros, but i can't remember it all and there are insufficient videos for it. Best video for remembering some of the sounds is: If someone can remember the sounds and/ or find a source for downloading them, then please tell me.)
Model: Borderlands 2 Zero default model (I don't know where exactly a model could be downloaded from.)
Model movements: Sniper
Health: slightly higher than mediocre.
Movement speed: slightly slower than scouts.
Attack speed: normal Sniper attack speeds.
Attack damage: 110 (enough to kill sandman scouts in one hit, but everything else in more).
Attack range: normal
Knockback Resistance: mediocre (enough to at least walk forwards towards enemies and resist some Heavy shots and sentry shots, but not enough to push through Heavy crits and/or higher knockback).

Passive Attributes:

On hit: apply Mark-For-Death. Minicrits become Crits. (This represents his Death Mark ability, and it has a hidden use: Attacking someone who has a Shield, will still apply the Mark-For-Death.
A example: Normally, a boss would hit a demoknight and the shield would take the blow, then a second hit would bring the Demoknight to nearly dead, and the third would usually kill. Zero's first hit has it's damage blocked by the shield but applies the Mark-For-Death, the second hit would deal a crit which would kill the demoknight instantly, treating it as if the shield didn't even matter.
However, if Zero hits someone else instead of the same target, then the Mark-For-Death swaps, giving the original target another chance to not die, but marking the new target instead. This means that players can meatshield eachother on purpose during close quarters combat, to switch the Mark-For-Death and make it harder for Zero to deal a instakill. Zero can, of course, still kill with non-crits.)


Super Jump and Weigh-down (purely for mobility and ambush purposes. It allows him to try and cut off Scouts, but is not guaranteed to work. It also allows him to relocate easier).


Gains temporary invisibility that wears off when a single attack, bullet or melee, is used.
The invisibility helps with dropping everyone's focus on his location, and gives him a chance to reposition and/or strike a specific target.

Gains a 5 ammo Machina Sniper Rifle that does 2/3rds of normal damage on bodyshots, but does double the normal damage on headshots, and pierces on a full charge.
This means a quickscope bodyshot is quite pathetic, but a quickscope headshot is 300 damage and a overhealed Heavy/ Battillion's Backup Soldier/ 3-4 heads Demoknight CAN survive it if they have more than 300 health.
A full charge bodyshot is just 100 damage, and a full charge headshot is a whopping 900 damage, which can still pierce.

Downside is, it still has a tracer line, so one shot can reveal Zero's location if the tracer is seen. The tracer line will still limit the amount of times he can attempt shots before he is chased down and his aim is sabotaged by even small bullets.

And remember, it's still a sniper rifle. If Zero takes any damage, it can sabotage his aim, meaning it is often worse in the middle of combat.
Accuracy is key, as those 5 bullets can easily be wasted, but if used right, can take down anyone who is important.
The sniper rifle, even if not used, will remain in Zero's weapon slots. This means Zero can use it when needed, and can take advantage of if anyone drops their guard or forgets he still has ammunition.

Rage requirement: a sizable amount of damage taken. This ability should be used effectively rather than on-a-whim or in panic, as there won't be that many oppertunities to use it.
Personally, i'd say: 2 uses vs 10 players, 4 uses vs 20 players. Yes, that means 10 bullets vs 10 players, and 20 vs 20 players, but a lot of bullets can miss especially when even scouts shoot at Zero to interrupt his aim, AND headshots are almost neccessary to even do damage, which can be dodged easier through crouch strafing and unpredictable movements. It's harder than it sounds to use those bullets effectively before using the second Rage to reset the ammo back to 5.

I figure this character would be a interesting one to bring back from non-existance. It is one that has notable advantages and disadvantages, and is NOT focused on brute force, but can render high health targets instantly dead if used effectively.
It also takes advantage of overconfidence, especially with medic and heavy duos.
The Mark-For-Death + Crit can two shot a heavy who is overhealed and still being healed, UNLESS someone meatshields the heavy.
Demoknights may have a range advantage vs Zero but that Mark-For-Death makes their shields useless if they are hit twice in a row.
The rage's invisibility grants Zero a chance to relocate and snipe, ambush, or just makes it briefly easier to evade attacks, evade detection, and strike a specific target.

Anyways, what do you guys think of this idea? Personally, i think it'd spice up boss variation even more, bringing in a surprisingly capable, yet balanced character.

[Edit: added Music that could be used. Added Sounds (although the best example is a YT Video unfortunately)]
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