(From the game Furi) The Stranger

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(From the game Furi) The Stranger

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The Stranger
In-game Boss Description:
The Stranger is a fast and versatile fighter, but their lower health makes mistakes more punishing.
Use his range of abilities for different situations, be it a targeted charged strike, repeated hits to wound or finish targets, dashing to flee/ evade/ engage or even confuse opponents and make it harder for them to track you.
There is a lot of tricks to learn. Good luck.
Introduction: One of the final pieces of dialogue, from The Voice, very close to the end of Furi. https://youtu.be/K0V96nrJr6M?t=4400 (This implies that, in this scenario, The Stranger made the choice to keep fighting against humans, regardless if it's on another planet than the one that was in the game. In a way, it's a reminder of the tragedy that happened in the worst ending of Furi: a world being destroyed, and now the Mercenaries are facing him without knowing the full dangers.)
(Life 1 and 2): Furi: Danger - 6:24 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QpUGCX ... xe&index=2 (This is symbolic of the start of The Stranger's journey out of imprisonment. For it to play at the first and second lives, is like a reminder of how the players first found The Stranger, and now the Mercenaries are meeting him for the first time too, except, on the other end of the sword.)
(Life 3): Furi: Carpenter Brut - You're mine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQ5gtIn ... e&index=12 (This represents the higher stakes in the final Life, with no going back from there.)
Sounds: (I don’t know where the isolated sounds might be, but fortunately, The Stranger doesn’t talk so there is no need to add voicelines, just sounds. It’d be good to add sounds to the melee, charging melee, gun shots, charging gun, charged shots and dashes.)
Model: (I don’t know where to find the model itself, but the cutscenes of Furi shows his model in full glory, including the parts that are effected by physics. At the very least, it could help with recreating the model’s functionality if there ends up being problems.)
Model movements: Sniper (But slightly faster animations. Maybe 1.3x speed).
Health: somewhat Low x3(Lives)
Movement speed: a bit less than a scout.
Melee type: Half-zatoichi (purely cosmetic)
Melee Attack speed: 1.5x faster than Scout’s melee
Melee Attack damage: 40
Melee Attack range: normal
Gun type: Classic(?) (If there is a better option then fine)
Gun Attack speed:
\ Minimum: unlimited (can charge a shot forever but requires 1 second to fully charge it)
\ Maximum: 30% slower than a regular pistol.
Gun Attack damage: 20 uncharged, 70 charged, no damage falloff.
Knockback Resistance: mediocre.

Three chances:
Upon a life loss, The Stranger’s health fully restores again. For about 5 seconds, he temporarily gains Ubercharge, knockback and status immunity, but cannot attack, switch weapon, or use any abilities except his Dash. This is to give him a chance to think about his next move, and to quickly relocate if possible. The screen effects of Ubercharge also alerts him to having lost a life.
The Stranger’s health is divided across 3 lives, but the health is separated.
This may seem odd, but it is because it prevents healing back up to the health that was the previous Life. This feature is also in Furi, because Parries heal a bit, but losing all your health removes one of three Lives, and you cannot heal back to that previous life.
(It’s like losing 1/3rd of your maximum health when your health gets to 2/3rds, there’s no going back from that.)

The melee weapon attacks fast with low damage, but this means The Stranger has to invest more into attacks, and temporarily stop using their abilities in order to focus on repeatedly striking a target to kill them..
The gun is a combination of The Classic, the pistol, and the Cow Mangler. It cannot scope, fires fast Cow Mangler shots that don’t blow up, but it can also charge up shots. It takes just 1 second to fully charge a shot, and the charge shot has a brighter appearance.
Statistically, the gun doesn’t slow down The Stranger when charging it, but 0.25 seconds after charging it, a strong slowness effect is put on the user (which is close to the strength of regular Classic charging). This slightly delayed slowness effect lets the user repeatedly shoot less damaging shots without being slowed down for it, and then slows them down if they hold the shot, usually on purpose for a charge shot.
Charging a shot also creates a sentry-gun tracer line from the hand/ gun to the target location.

Quick Dash: For 0.2 seconds, The Stranger gains Bonk Atomic Punch invincibility, knockback invincibility and status invincibility, and he dashes horizontally in the direction that he is moving, with incredibly fast speeds up to a short-medium range distance where his momentum suddenly stops.
The dash cannot be used vertically, but can be used diagonally up or down to a distance of 30 degrees, if the player tilts their aim up or down.
The dash cannot let The Stranger pass through walls, or clip into players/ engineer buildings, but if it’s end-point is past a player/engineer building, and there is a sizable empty space there, then The Stranger can dash straight into that little space behind targets. If there is no empty space there, then he will just stop in front of the target.
If dashing up against a slope or wall, The Stranger just slides along it like normally, even if it is a corner or a thin object.
After the dash ends, it has a 0.75 second cooldown where The Stranger is vulnerable.
Using this carelessly or excessively can run the risk of dashing into a trap and then taking severe damage, but it can be used to bypass traps, dodge attacks and zip around faster with swift movements. It also has potential to distract and confuse opponents by dashing past and around them, and even disappearing out of sight the next moment.

(Requirement: Melee selected) Parry: For 0.5 seconds, The Stranger will lose all horizontal movements and turning, be unable to attack, unable to use other abilities and unable to switch weapon. He will swap to the “SMG” pose while still holding the sword, and a somewhat transparent blue digital barrier appears right in front of him. When it ends, it has a cooldown of 1.5 seconds.
If someone melee attacks him at the front while he is Parrying, then the damage is treated like it’s -150%, doing nothing to The Stranger but instead he heals by 1.5x the amount the attack dealt (including crits of course).
If a projectile reaches his front and he uses the Parry at the right time, he can “Parry” the projectile, which is basically a airblast that only makes the reflected projectile do minicrits. Unfortunately for soldiers, this means The Stranger can deflect critical rockets too, so while that may be rarer, it’s still a very real danger.
If The Stranger is attacked from behind, then the Parry doesn’t do anything. Of course, this means it is ineffective against spies, and because of the cooldown afterwards, and standing still too, Parries must be used effectively and not just on a whim, or it makes the user predictable and vulnerable.
Parries don’t do anything against bullets, of course, but it works against any projectile.
Parries cannot heal the health of a lost Life. When a Life is lost, that health is gone for good, no turning back. It can help mitigate damage taken, and thus delay losing a Life.

(Requirement: Melee selected) Melee Charge: The Stranger will lose all horizontal movements and turning, be unable to attack, unable to use other abilities and unable to switch weapon. He will swap to the “Sniper Rifle” pose while still holding the sword, and if he keeps charging for 2 seconds total, his sword will be charged and glow orange.
Charging the melee should look like this: https://youtu.be/1q7qlmOFRtY?t=5479
When his sword is charged, it swaps to a different version of the same sword, which does 140 damage but has the following delay of a fist weapon. Upon one use of the melee, whether it hits or misses, the sword will lose it’s charge, stop glowing orange, and revert back to it’s original form.
If The Stranger is charging, and is hit with either 50 or more damage in a single hit, or is hit with a single melee attack of any kind, it interrupts the charge and gets rid of any existing charge on the sword.
If he is not charging, but his sword is already charged, and he is hit with 180 damage (because of melee crits) in a single melee hit, it will nullify his charge.
This punishes careless or badly used attempts at charging his melee weapon, and gives melee-focused players (except scouts and lower damage melee weapon users) the potential to nullify The Stranger’s charge by hitting him first.

Rage requirement: Nothing. It’s reusable. There is basically no “Rage %”.

[EDIT 1: Added "In-game Boss Description". Added a bit on "Model movements".]

Anyways, what do you guys think of this idea? I figured that a more fragile speedster like The Stranger could be quite interesting to play as/ against. Besides, the lower health means mistakes that get him badly wounded, can punish The Stranger even harder than normal.

If i can, i'd willingly playtest them to see if their abilities have fixable issues or not.
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