Adjust The Loader's abilities.

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Adjust The Loader's abilities.

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In Risk of Rain 2, The Loader could charge their punch and sprint + jump too, which allowed them to perform maneouvers that added to their lethality.
Why make the controls Crouch which then prevents this? Having it at Reload lets it still function properly, and Reload is used for other Super Jumps too anyways, so there's no reason not to bind it to Reload.
The punch also needs to be adjusted because it and it's momentum ends the moment The Loader hits the ground, which makes it MUCH harder to land a hit successfully because red players are typically on the ground too, and The Loader's mobility leads to them getting a higher angle usually.
Plus, in Risk of Rain 2, sliding across the ground and through enemies was what made The Loader's Charge Punch so deadly, it could slam groups of enemies without stopping.
In FF2, a few steps on a stair that normally can be walked up, completely stopped Charge Punches.

The Grappling Hook is also flawed. In Risk of Rain 2 it has a 5 second cooldown for a very good reason: to make The Loader think about how to use it effectively. But in FF2, there is no cooldown, making it easy to overuse. Perhaps, for balance sakes, make it 2 seconds cooldown when grappling stops, to account for maps that has edges that can catch The Loader's swings, but not to allow The Loader to overuse it.
It also should give more movement control, by making it so facing in a direction makes The Loader move a little bit in that direction. This allows for better curved swinging and better momentum rather than just slamming into objects repeatedly. It's also a feature in Risk of Rain 2 and that's why The Loader can swing so widely.
To account for the cooldown on the Grappling Hook, and the cooldown on the Charge Punch, make The Loader have high knockback resistances. They ARE, after all, using a strong metal exo-skeleton that reinforces their posture, and would make it harder for them to be pushed around.

The Loader's Fists isn't as powerful in Risk of Rain 2 as it is right now for ff2. It's not supposed to be this powerful, and the strength renders "Barrier" accumilation nigh impossible to achieve, on top of the WAY too fast depletion of Barrier health that gives it insufficient time to make a difference.
Plus, "Barrier" health doesn't just skyrocket to thousands in one hit, this would imply that The Loader would be basically invincible vs even Demoknights in CQC if they kept hitting someone, and in Risk of Rain 2 "Barrier" health from melee attacks were far from that strong. They served to negate a chunk of the continuous damage that was taken in combat, but it very clearly had it's limits and could be overwhelmed, especially from higher damage hits that would destroy the "Barrier" health and then hurt The Loader directly.
It'd probably be better if the damage The Loader does with each regular punch, was 80, and on hit it granted 300 "Barrier" health that faded away gradually, and completely depleted in 2 seconds. This would mean that repeated hits would be able to accumilate enough "Barrier" health to resist damage for a short period after not attacking. It'd also let The Loader resist some damage when being bombarded by attacks while attacking someone such as a Heavy. It's not perfect, and it won't block all the damage if the injuries taken are high enough, but it never was perfect defence to begin with.

As for the Loader's Health in comparison to these adjustments, make sure it is, at the very least, a bit below default boss health.
The Loader may have good endurance, but it's also fuelled by the "Barrier" Health. Most situations when they'll be in CQC they'll be attempting to build up "Barrier" health to resist hits.

I'd say, to make The Loader more accurate and less of a "brute force" character, fix the things that i mentioned here.
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