100% admin abuse!! would like an unban please.

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100% admin abuse!! would like an unban please.

Postby minederp » Sat Mar 08, 2014 8:08 pm

so i have been playing on the iceworld server for a few weeks now, and today i joined and there were 2 players, an admin on CT (i forgot his name ,but if i saw it i would remember it) and someone else on T. I joined ct with the admin and he switched me to the T team without even telling me anything, so i switched back and said i like to play as a CT bc i like to buy the M4 bc i have a buy bind, but he repeatedly switched me like 4 times. so i left to go Bhop, and when i came back like 10 mins later it was the same situation, but he started slaying me repeatedly!
finally he kicked me for breaking server rules by "stacking" when i came back the teams were balanced 1 vs 2 and again i joined CT team which made it 2CT vs 2T then SOMEONE ELSE joined CT which made it 3CT vs 2T and i said "cant kick me now im not staking anymore he is" then BAM BANNED "you have been banned from this server." i really do enjoy your iceworld server, and its very disappointing that you have staff members like this, i made an account on your website (aka here) just to complain and tell you guys how very upset i am about your irresponsible staff.
please do unban me. i was gunna start recording after he kicked me but when i joined back and it was 3v2 i tabbed out to go to fraps to record but i came back to being banned my steam name is: minederp

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