A Player's Guide to Freak Fortress [UPDATED]

A Player's Guide to Freak Fortress [UPDATED]

Postby Gandolf Rodriguez » Sat Aug 22, 2015 4:02 pm

So since Spicy did his guide to Freak Fortress I noticed he didn't have the time to really finish it or update it often so I decided to create a more updated guide since a lot of things have changed in Freak Fortress since about 2 years ago. I will be updating this guide as soon as I see something change in Freak Fortress. I hope you guys enjoy!

What is Freak Fortress?

Freak Fortress is a very highly competitive custom gamemode where you and your team must work together to defeat the hale by doing as much damage to the hale as possible before the hale kills you with his melee weapon. The hale will always be a different model with a different set of abilities each time which separates it from Versus Saxton Hale.

Class Guides

Legend for Weapon Guides:

Advanced: A weapon that is really tricky to use and mostly used for players with a lot more skill.
Popular: What I see that is used by most players around the servers.

The Scout:

The Scout is one of the weaker classes in Freak Fortress, his most standard attack is his scattergun which with a full meatshot only does 60 damage to the hale. The Scout is more based on survivability then strength with his speed and low health making him more useful to stand back at a far distance and taking shots at the hale with his weapons rather then charging at the hale and having a high risk of getting killed.




Remember how I said earlier how Scout is more useful when standing back instead of charging at the hale? This weapon is perfect for the job. The fact that it has an insanely fast fire rate and does a lot more damage at medium to long range distances rather then up close distances is very useful to your survival.

Force-a-Nature: (Advanced)

This weapon is the opposite of the shortstop, instead of hanging back and sniping the hale you charge at him and knock him back with your bullets. The 3rd extra jump is very helpful in getaway situations, however, the weapon is a bit difficult to use. If you are too far away from the hale, you won't push back the hale and you'll most likely get killed and if you get too close to the hale, you are in the hales range and he will most likely hit you before you can shoot at him, resulting in your death.


This is the stock scattergun that the scout uses, the fact that you have 6 bullets is quite useful to get if you just want to unload at the hale. But the problem is with this gun is that it does very low damage, 60 damage when you are right beside the hale still isn't that much for what it's worth.

Soda Popper: (Popular)

This gun is quite similar to the Force-a-Nature only that it has a faster reload speed, shoots less bullets, and has a "Hype" meter to jump 5 times. This gun is usually not used for shooting the hale, but rather for the Hype meter boost it gets so you can jump an additional 3 times on top of the double jump the scout gets. This makes it easier to escape the hales reach and easier to goomba stomp the hale.

Back Scatter:

This is not a very good scattergun to use, although it sounds tempting to get mini-crits every time you shoot the hale in the back, the hale will usually turn around when you are up close when shooting him and kill you. It is also very inaccurate compared to other scatterguns which makes getting damage while far away from the hale difficult.



This weapon is handy to have whenever you run out of ammo for your scattergun, it does some good damage short or long range and has a very good rate of fire.

Crit-a-Cola: (Popular)

This is my absolute favorite weapon for scout on this gamemode, instead of the mini-crits that it normally gets in TF2 it's modified with full crits instead which is a 200% damage boost to any weapon. It's very good to have if you want to do some decent damage.

Bonk! Atomic Punch:

This weapon is mostly used for getaway situations although not very useful, when you drink this beverage you cannot take any damage from anything but once you drink the Bonk! Atomic Punch you can't shoot the hale which again is pretty useless.

Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol:

This is basically the standard pistol only you don't take fall damage which is good for some maps, but in return it has a pretty slow fire rate.

Mad Milk:

This secondary is used more for helping your teammates then yourself. Since the only time you as a Scout take damage from anything is if you fall down from a big height, the rest of your teammates if they have low health can shoot at the hale which can bring them back up to their full health which makes you a very respected scout.

Flying Guillotine:

If you are accurate with most projectile weapons then the Flying Guillotine is right for you. The recharge for using this weapon is pretty fast and since the base damage for this weapon is 50 plus the bleeding it would be around 80 damage that you would do with the cleaver.


The winger is a survivability pistol, the extra jump height you get when active really helps if the hale is chasing after you and you have some tall objects in the way.


Sandman: (Popular)

The Sandman is a very good weapon to use in Freak Fortress, since the -15 base health loss isn't that big of a problem considering that hales can just instantly kill you with their melee even if you had 125 HP. The weapon is mostly used for the ball it gets, if you land a hit on the hale then it will stun him making him slower, unable to swing their melee and jump. Making this weapon a favorite to most players.


The Atomizer is definitely my favorite melee weapon for Scout. This weapon isn't really used to hit the hale with but mostly used for the triple jump it grants players. The health loss for the 3rd jump isn't really a big deal since a dispenser or health kit will fix you right back up.

Wrap Assassin:

This weapon is treated the same way the Sandman is only instead of 1 ball you get 2 and they each make the hale bleed instead of stunning him.

Boston Basher:

This weapon is almost never used in Freak Fortress, the risk of having to go in hales range to make him bleed for 5 seconds resulting in 20 extra damage is not good for the risk.

Fan O'War:

This weapon makes you a helpful scout if you have any airblasting Pyros on your team. This weapon removes 5% of the hales rage on hit. You don't want to rush in with this weapon because chances are that the hale will look at you and hit you if he gets the chance. You want to be sneaky with this weapon, go behind the hale, hit him, and run away before he has time to turn around.


There are two ways of getting good damage as Scout either shoot at him enough times or try to goomba stomp him which requires you to jump from a high distance and fall on the hales head. Different weapons are good for different tactics my favorites for gaining damage would be: Shortstop, Crit-a-Cola, Sandman but for goomba stomping it would be: Soda Popper, Winger, Atomizer.

The Soldier:

The Soldier is a class in Freak Fortress that can do very high amounts of damage to the hale, taunting for crits and rocket jumping are two of the soldiers most greatest abilities.



Rocket Launcher: (Popular)

The basic standard Rocket Launcher is quite useful for both Freak Fortress and regular TF2, The full 4 rocket clip is helpful for both rocket jumping and doing heavy damage to the hale.

Black Box:

The Black Box is handy to use if the map you are playing on has little to no health kits, having to rocket jump around the map without having to worry about your health as much as you would with the standard Rocket Launcher is helpful towards you focusing to do as much damage as you can to the hale.

Direct Hit: (Advanced)

The Direct Hit's stats are quite unique compared to other rocket launchers in the game, instead of relying on your splash damage to do the work you need to shoot people with a direct hit every time. This can be tricky though trying to get direct shots because it has a few second delay from when you shoot your rocket to where the hale is standing.

Liberty Launcher:

The Liberty Launcher is the best rocket launcher to use when it comes to rocket jumping, the clip size boost, rocket speed, and blast resistance from rocket jumps is very helpful.

Cow Mangler 5000:

This weapon is used when there is little to no ammo on the map you are playing on, it's also used for getting to high spaces without having to come down. The bad thing about this weapon is that the splash damage is not huge so you must be very accurate, you also can't taunt for crits which is another big downfall.

Air Strike:

Mostly paired with the B.A.S.E. Jumper, the Air Strike is a decent weapon to use. If you know how to rocket jump well and use the B.A.S.E. Jumper after it you can get some heavy damage. A big problem with this weapon is the clip size will always stay the same as well as the damage penalty.


Gunboats: (Popular)

The Gunboats is a must have when trying to rocket jump around the map, there is a lot of times where a hale is following you and you need to rocket jump away as far as possible. These definitely help in those kinds of situations.

Battalion's Backup:

This weapon is very helpful to have for both yourself and your teammates, whenever you or one of your teammate who are close by you are getting targeted by the hale. Just blow this horn and the hales melee damage will be reduced severely allowing you to have a chance to escape.


The Shotgun is a good backup for when you are out of ammo for your rocket launcher, it still does some good damage if you are close to medium range from the hale.

B.A.S.E. Jumper:

The B.A.S.E. Jumper is a good weapon with any rocket launcher (Mostly the Air Strike). Using the parachute after you rocket jump results in no fall damage. However, you need to watch below you, the hale could be right under you when you fall.

Buff Banner:

If you don't want to have to taunt for crits to get some heavy damage, the Buff Banner is an excellent choice for you. Once you get rage meter full from doing damage, blow on the horn and you will have a 35% extra damage boost for about 7 seconds.

Righteous Bison:

This weapon is basically the secondary version of the Cow Mangler 5000 only it can light Sniper Huntsman Arrows on fire.


Half-Zatoichi: (Popular)

The Half Zatoichi is fantastic to use with the Battalion's Backup, if you are low on health just hit the hale with this sword and you regain a small amount of your health back.

Disciplinary Action:

This weapon is mostly used at the start of the round to get you and your teammates out into the front lines to go fight the hale.

Escape Plan: (Popular)

This weapon is pretty self-explanatory, whenever you are low on health and you need to run away from the hale or just find a health pack pull this weapon out and you will have a permanent speed bonus until you are back at full health.


If you really want to get high damage as soldier you need to learn how to rocket jump well. It's important to your survival that you know how to rocket jump correctly, usually taunting for crits on a hard to reach area while the hale is busy fighting someone else is a very easy way to get some decent damage.

The Pyro:

The Pyro is a class that can both do some very high damage and can protect your teammates if you know how to play her correctly. The Pyro is a class that gets in really close range of the hale and uses her airblast to survive hales attacks.



Degreaser: (Popular)

The number one reason why almost every Pyro uses this weapon is the weapon switch, it helps so much that you are able to switch to your secondary or melee so quickly to perform some serious combo's on the hale.

Flame Thrower:

The Flame Thrower is a pretty good flame thrower for damage although I wouldn't recommend you switch to your secondary or melee with it. Since the weapon switch is so slow compared to the Degreaser by the time you do switch to something else hale would have probably killed you by now.


This weapon is the best for damage but the worst for survival out of all the flame throwers, once your "Mmmph" meter is full when you taunt the hale will be unable to kill you but as soon as you stop taunting you become vulnerable again. The Phlogistinator's greatest weakness is the part when you are unable to airblast. The airblast is crucial to every Pyro's survival and when that's taken away your best course is to watch over yourself.


This weapon is good for racking up some damage, for this weapon you need to be behind the hale to get the critical hits. Try to act like a spy when using this weapon. When the hale finally turns around just airblast him away and flare jump to escape.


Scorch Shot:

Being able to knock away a hale with this weapon if you are out of ammo for your flame thrower is honestly pretty fun to use.

Flare Gun: (Popular)

This weapon is awesome for travelling around the map faster, it's awesome for damage as well all you have to do is light the hale on fire, airblast him, then shoot him with the Flare Gun and it's always a critical shot.

Reserve Shooter: (Advanced)

This and the Degreaser makes an excellent combo the weapon switch is so fast it's almost instant. Airblast the hale with your flame thrower and then quickly switch to your Reserve Shooter to get mini-crits.


This weapon is like the Flare Gun but with a lot of different stats, the projectile moves much faster, you can extinguish teammates which gives you a crit every time you do, and it doesn't use ammo. What makes almost everyone turn away from the weapon is the fact that you don't get crits when you shoot the hale when he has been ignited by a Flame Thrower.


Back Scratcher:

The Back Scratcher is good for both Medics who are healing you and for the Flare Gun, since it takes longer for a Medic to completely overheal you his Ubercharge gain is faster. And since you might Flare Gun around the map for health or ammo might as well get extra health from a Medi-kit.

Powerjack: (Popular)

The speed bonus is what I like about the Powerjack a lot, it helps you get to the front lines faster and since the hale can instantly kill you without the 20% damage penalty you might as well use this weapon.

Sharpened Volcano Fragment:

This weapon on hit makes the hale ignited for about 5 seconds, the only problem is that the flamethrower does the same thing so this weapon is really only used when you are out of ammo for your Flame Thrower.


As a Pyro airblasting is and always will be extremely useful to yourself and your teammates survival so usually what you want to do as pyro is either light him on fire, airblast him and get him with your secondary or melee or try and goomba stomp him with the flare jump. The flare jumping method is extremely difficult though.

The Demoman:

The Demoman is a class that can use multiple techniques to try and get huge damage, mostly by shooting hale with a crit grenade launcher, setting up sticky traps, or going full demoknight and slashing hale with a sword.



Grenade Launcher:

The grenade launcher is a weapon that takes some practice to get straight accurate shots with but luckily even if you miss there is a chance that hale could step on your grenade that you fired.

Loch-n-Load: (Advanced)

This weapon is basically the same thing as the grenade launcher only the projectile speed is faster so it's a bit more accurate then the standard Grenade Launcher, only thing is that the grenades shatter when on a surface so you need to be very accurate with the weapon if you ever want to get damage with it.

Bootlegger/Ali Baba's Wee Booties:

If you plan on going demoknight you are going to need these shoes, the extra speed plus health is helpful. Trust me

Loose Cannon: (Popular)

The Loose Cannon is a very nice weapon especially for Freak Fortress, the cannonball pushback pushes away the hale while doing damage.

Iron Bomber:

This weapon is good to pair with one of the Demo's shields, since the grenades don't bounce or roll very much you can use it as a sticky jumper and escape from the hale.


Any Demoman Shield: (Popular)

The reason why I didn't want to talk about every shield separately is because they all are really similar, if you equip the shield it will give your selected grenade launcher crits which really helps if you're accurate with any type of grenade launcher, a charge which you can use to run faster with, and to survive one hit from hale.

Scottish Resistance:

This is a favorite to all stickybomb trapper Demomen if you lay down a bunch of critted stickybombs in one area and the hale stands directly on them you can get about 7,000 damage just from that alone.

Stickybomb Launcher:

This weapon is basically used for stickyjumping Demomen, it's a lot like the Scottish Resistance only you can set off your stickybombs faster.

Quickiebomb Launcher:

The stats of this weapon almost make it like a Grenade Launcher, the bomb arm speed is faster, and the max charge speed is faster. The stickybombs that this weapon uses fizzles after 4 seconds, which is why this weapon acts like a Grenade Launcher.


Eyelander: (Popular)

The Eyelander is amazing no matter what type of Demo you're playing as, the speed boost and extra health you get from hitting the hale definitely gives you a better chance of surviving hales that chase after you a lot.


The stock bottle is actually quite useful for a melee it doesn't take away speed or health like some of the other melee's.

Scotsman's Skullcutter:

This weapon is mostly used by demoknights who want a long range weapon that does a little bit more damage.


Like I said before there are so many combos that the Demoman can use to get some really nice damage but the main 3 are the Grenade Launcher + Shield, Sticky Trapper, and Demoknight. The Grenade Launcher + Shield Demoman focuses on accuracy, the Sticky Trapper focuses on timing and the Demoknight focuses on surviving.

The Heavy:

The Heavy's damage depends on many things: The map, the players and the type of hale. Having a Medic with Ubercharge or a nearby amplifier can sometimes give the Heavy 10,000 damage.



The Minigun: (Popular)

The Minigun is used by so many Heavies because the damage for it is already very good and not having any penalties for using a weapon is helpful.

The Brass Beast:

The stock Minigun already deals a good amount of damage so having the Brass Beast is just insane, although sitting out in the open isn't a good idea since you can barely moved when it's revved up it would be best to stick by a Engineer's nest.


Sandvich: (Popular)

Since the Heavy has 300 health he can survive usually one hit from hale if there are no Medics around and you get hit but the hale isn't following you at the moment, hide behind something and eat your Sandvich.


The damage for this thing is nowhere near as good as your Minigun so if you were to use this at all I would only use it when I'm out of minigun ammo.

Buffalo Steak Sandvich:

This is the Crit-a-Cola, what more is there to say?

Dalokohs Bar:

This weapon is a weaker version of the Sandvich in terms of healing, but what makes it so sweet is the extra 50 health overheal which makes it harder for the hale to kill you.


Warrior's Spirit:

You will still survive that one hit from most hales even with 280 health so why not add a damage bonus to your melee?

Gloves of Running Urgently: (Popular)

I basically don't try to hit the hale with these gloves at all since they have a really big damage penalty I use it for the speed to sometimes outrun hale but don't just use the gloves whenever you feel like it because as soon as you have them active you lose 7 HP per second.


There basically are no certain techniques to get better at Heavy it's mostly just luck. Sometimes you will have a dispenser and a Ubercharged Medic on a small map and other times you won't have jack.

The Engineer:

The Engineer isn't a class that goes right up to hale and shoots him until he dies, he is a class that builds a nest in some areas that don't get seen as often and lets the sentry do the damage for him.



Frontier Justice:

The Frontier Justice is completely different in Freak Fortress then it is in actual TF2 instead of getting some crits when hale breaks your sentry instead you get crits every time your sentry is shooting at the hale.

Widowmaker: (Advanced)

Everybody can agree that reloading is really annoying and it's what gets you killed most of the time right? Well the Widowmaker is your basic shotgun only there is no reload instead it uses your metal instead of shotgun ammo and if you get a good shot on hale you can sometimes get even more metal then you shot him with. The tricky part about this weapon is that you need to be extremely accurate or you will just waste all your metal and you won't have enough left to build a dispenser or sentry.

Rescue Ranger: (Popular)

The rescue ranger is your go to shotgun if you're a wrangler Engineer, since you wrangler jump and you leave your sentry from where you jumped from you're going to need the Rescue Ranger to pick up the sentry you can do this by having 100 metal and pressing Alt-Fire at the building.


Short Circuit: (Popular)

This is a living hell, the short circuit Engineer has to be the most annoying thing to fight against. But if you like to make people pissed then use this weapon but in all honesty this weapon is very fun to use as an Engineer but don't take my word for it, ask Darkone2e @ Best ;)


Even if the hale is out of reach from your sentry you can still do damage to him by yourself and the pistol is perfect for just that. It is always critted so every pistol shot is 45 damage and it's very easy to snipe the hale with it.

Wrangler: (Popular) (Advanced)

If you have plans to build on a part of the map that is really high up you're going to need the Wrangler, being a sentry jumping engineer means that you stand on top of a level 1 sentry and point towards the ceiling and you jump, crouch, and shoot all at the same time. It's sometimes pretty difficult for people to do so if you don't get it on your first try it's normal.



The Gunslinger is different from the normal Wrench, instead of having a normal sentry you place mini-sentries that can't be upgraded so just place one in the middle of the map and just watch it work.

Jag: (Popular)

The Jag is what almost every Engineer uses because the Jag allows every building to be built at twice the speed of a normal wrench.

Wrench: Just the stock Wrench is a good weapon to use to take care of your buildings.


The only way you can become a better engineer is if you have a good sentry placement, something hard for hales to break or reach. So look around the map to see if you see any good spots that would be tricky for hale to try to get into. Most of the time the hale will try to kill you first so plan quick, know where you are going to build and try to stay out of the crowd and on the sidelines.

The Medic:

The Medic is not a class that uses his gun or melee to get damage instead he heals his teammates and copies the damage of the player he is healing.



Crusader's Crossbow:

This is the standard TF2 Crusader's Crossbow only this different is when you shoot the hale you get an additional 10% added to your Ubercharge meter.

Syringe Gun: (Popular)

The Syringe Gun is modified so that every needle that hits the hale adds 5% to your Ubercharge meter you can also syringe jump by looking down and jumping, crouching, and shooting all at once.


The Overdose is exactly like the Syringe Gun except when you are Ubercharged you can run 10% making it good for Uber chaining or getting away in situations.


Medi-Gun: (Popular)

The Medigun is buffed on this gamemode making you have 41% whenever it would normally be 0% and having the duration of Uber extended as well as granting crits on Uber, making it a lethal weapon to use for Medic.


The Amputator:

The Amputator is useful for when you have to heal everyone around you, just simply use the taunt if say everyone was on fire during hales rage and everyone gets a little bit of health each.

The Ubersaw: (Popular)

Almost everyone I see play Medic always uses this melee and so do I, it's very useful because you already always get 41% on your Medi-Gun and just hitting hale three times with this Melee gives you a full Ubercharge, very very good weapon for Medic.

The Solemn Vow:

Whenever there is a hale you are playing against that summons minions it's good to see the health of the minions to see which ones are good to finish off.


There are two types of Medics: The ones that heal everyone around them and try to save as many teammates as possible and the ones that pocket good players and gain a whole bunch of damage from it. I definitely recommend using the Syringe or Crossbow whenever you can to build up that Ubercharge for whoever you're healing.

The Sniper:

The Sniper is mostly seen on bigger maps that are more open, usually a fully charged shot with any sniper rifle does about 400 damage.



Sniper Rifle: (Popular)

The basic Sniper Rifle I find better then any other Sniper primary because it's the only primary that can make hales outlined when shot a fully charged shot can do about 450 damage and outlines the hale for about 7 seconds.

Huntsman: (Advanced)

The Huntsman is different from the other Sniper primary weapons because of standing far away with the Huntsman you get up close to the hale and try the best you can to shoot him. It can be challenging sometimes to land a hit on a hale with an arrow, especially a fast one. As well a feature with this weapon is that you can stun lock the hale by taunting, causing him to be completely useless against anything, but this doesn't mean he can't be knocked out of the stun.


This weapon is used for more out in the open spots where lots of other snipers like to go, the extra damage is quite good, but if you are trying to be stealthy, this will not be of help due to the tracking shots.



The SMG on Freak Fortress is always critted which does 24 damage per bullet, it's useful for when you have a sniper rifle and the hale is in close range to you.


The Jarate instead of giving mini-crits removes 7% of the hales rage.

Cozy Camper: (Popular)

The Cozy Camper is a good pair with the Bushwacka since you can regenerate health with this backpack. Another fantastic thing about this weapon is it grants you an SMG to use, the SMG however does not get crits and does bleed damage to the hale when you are shooting at him.



The basic Kukri is just fine for this gamemode.

Tribalman's Shiv:

The Tribalman's Shiv is only really useful for hales with cloak so you can see where they are once you hit them with this weapon.

Bushwacka: (Popular)

This weapon grants the sniper a big jump, to do this, hit a wall with the Bushwacka and you will go flying up the wall, there is a 20 health reduction price every time you jump so only use it in important situations.


The basic Techniques for Sniper is usually never stand in one place because eventually the hale will see you and try to hunt you down so if at any point the hale doesn't have eyes on you try and shoot him like 3-4 times and then move to a different location. Other then that just simply predict where the hale is going to go next and shoot him.

The Spy:

The Spy is one of the most feared classes in Freak Fortress 2, any chance the hale gets to kill a spy he will try and take it since if you backstab the hale it removes 10% of his health.



The Revolver: (Popular)

This weapon is good to use when the hale is running away, just shooting the hale 2-3 times will give you about 150 damage.


Whenever you're a Spy having a higher cloak duration is always useful, since the Spy uses his knife more then his revolver that much in Freak Fortress the damage penalty doesn't really matter.

Enforcer: Whenever the hale runs or jumps away from you there is always time to pull out your gun and get some extra damage.

The Ambassador: (Advanced)

If you are insanely good at aiming then you can use the Ambassador to headshot the hale which gives you little over 100 damage


Knife: (Popular)

The basic knife is already perfect.


Since some hales do have a rage that lights people on fire the Spy-cicle is perfect for the fire resistance.


Dead Ringer: (Popular)

The Dead Ringer is definitely used by almost every Spy I see. Each time you have the Dead Ringer out it will take about half your health away it's still useful for the Spy to use, but be careful because taking another hit while your dead ringer is active is certain death.

Invis Watch:

The Invis Watch will protect you from two hits when you are cloaked and doesn't make as loud of a noise for decloaking like the Dead Ringer does.


As a Spy part of getting better is by playing often, there is a lot of trickstabs you can do but getting better at them just means you have to play more. Spys tend to be targeted lots, whenever the hale has you in his line of sight there is a high chance he will ignore everyone else and go right for you (Its easier for hale to target you if you have a flashy unusual effect) so disguise. Disguising as a Medic or Pyro or whatever class you prefer that is weak against hale. This will prevent you from getting targeted so often. Knowing your surroundings to pull off some trickstabs is also useful to know.

The Hale

There are many types of hales that do different things for rages there really is no overpowered hales it's based on you, the player alone. A few pieces of advice I will give is that some hales do better on other maps so don't be afraid to change up picking your hale. It's always usually nice to kill engineers and spy's first just because they are the most annoying so once you kill all 4 or less of them each it should be much easier for you to win.

Freak Fortress Terms/Rules

As with any gamemode, Freak Fortress has their own set of rules and guidelines, however, some people may not know what some rules or terms may be. I'll be breaking down what you may hear around the servers and if what it is you're doing is either helping the server or breaking a rule.


Ghosting is when you are giving any information to the hale or your team. This means health kits, locations, classes, etc. If you are typing to the hale while you are dead, hale will be unable to see what you're typing, however, if you are using the mic, hale will be able to hear you. Please do not ghost at any time, as this is one of our Freak Fortress specific rules.


Teleswinging is performed when a teleport hale (Example: Evil Clown) teleports but swings their weapon as soon as they teleport, killing the player that they teleport to instantly. This is NOT something that you want to do, as you may be permanently banned for doing it even once.


Quickswitching is an action when a Spy gets a backstab and presses Q twice to switch to a different weapon and then goes back to his knife, removing the cooldown on the knife when you get a backstab, usually being able to get a second one in before the hale even has time to turn around. Once again, this is not something you should do, as this can get you permanently banned as well.


Being called useless means that you're not doing any damage to the hale or helping your team, if you are playing as a limited class (Scout, Pyro, Engineer, Spy) this is against the rules and you may be kicked for it. However as any class you still should be helping out regardless.


If you read this entire guide pat yourself on the back because I typed up a lot of stuff.

If you have any suggestions on what I should add to this guide just put it in the comments.

I'll keep on updating it like I said in the beginning if anything new were to show up.

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Thanks for reading! :wave:
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Re: A Player's Guide to Freak Fortress [UPDATED]

Postby Darkone2e » Tue Aug 25, 2015 2:35 am

Very minor correction,
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Re: A Player's Guide to Freak Fortress [UPDATED]

Postby Hylie » Wed Sep 30, 2015 9:42 pm

No Fan 'o' War? Some scouts actually use that since the server plug-in lets you reduce the hale's rage by 5% per hit.
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Re: A Player's Guide to Freak Fortress [UPDATED]

Postby Fire » Wed Nov 18, 2015 1:48 pm

Cool guide man.
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Re: A Player's Guide to Freak Fortress [UPDATED]

Postby The Estrogen Syringe » Thu Nov 19, 2015 6:46 am

Pretty good guide. I play scout all the time on FF2 and I agree with many of the points you made. However, I wouldn't dismiss his strength so quickly. If you can get a feel for the minimum distance the Hale needs to be to safely taunt, you can become quite a powerful foe by using the shortstop at close range. I tend to taunt when safe and use crit a cola when the hale's a bit too close for comfort.
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Re: A Player's Guide to Freak Fortress [UPDATED]

Postby Genphyonic » Fri Feb 19, 2016 5:33 am

Just a suggestion but, can you add that the Sniper's Huntsman bow can Taunt trap (Taunt kill chain stun) certain Hales and those certain Hales can't escape unless someone knocks them out of your Taunt kill reach?

Also correct me if i'm wrong but doesn't the Sydney Sleeper reduce some of the Hales Rage as well?

Oh and also please add that the Machina has increased damage on full charge. Thank you.
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Re: A Player's Guide to Freak Fortress [UPDATED]

Postby Gandolf Rodriguez » Thu Sep 01, 2016 10:32 pm

Well it's been a little over a year since I made this and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who read this guide. I honestly thought this was a waste of my 10 hours but looking at how many views this guide has and how many people it's helped, I knew I made the right choice with my time.

I've added another minor update with this message.
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