A surfing guide

A surfing guide

Postby hisiglemic » Thu Jun 16, 2016 4:40 am

Hi my name is hisiglemic and I have decided to make a surfing guide for beginners so here we go.
First I would like to say what surfing is, Surfing is having a sliding movement down a ramp to where usually you will have to gain speed to do a jump I guess you would say off of the ramp to land on another you may have to move through the air to land on another ramp.
So I will now explain how to surf down a ramp.
1. If a ramp is facing to the right you will hold a to get the sliding movement on the ramp
2. If a ramp is facing to the left you will hold d to get the sliding movement
3. NEVER when surfing press or hold w you will just end up sliding off of the ramp
4. If you need to get speed while on a ramp you must look diagonally down facing away from the ramp and adjust yourself after looking down to stay on the ramp
I will now explain how to move in the air this act of movement is called air strafing
1. To airstrafe you will need to hold the key a or d depending on which way you want to go (a for left d for right)
2. After pressing the key depending on which way you want to move you must smoothly move your mouse in that direction
3. When landing on a ramp after air strafing try to land on as smooth as possible along with a angle to keep speed and gain more do not slam into a ramp or you will lose a large amount of speed
4. When you're strafing to the next ramp NEVER press s or you will stop in the air
5. All though you don't want to press s over the next ramp you can and should press s at the end of a map so you can stop in the air to get a faster time
I will now explain a trick called bunny hopping (this trick is not necessary in surfing but can help gain large amounts of speed)
1. Hold down the space bar
2. While holding down the space bar air strafe
3. When air strafing you should notice speed will only go up while turning
4. You can als bunny hop without air strafing to help preserve speed a good example of this is on a map called surf_kitsune_final
These are some common mistakes I've seen
1. Your air strafing could be choppy which can result in lower amounts of speed
2. You might not be landing on ramps smoothly which can result in a loss of speed
Here are somethings that won't effect your surfing but you think might
1. Your class on disc-ff servers does not matter they all have been modified to have the same speed
2. Crouching as far as I know only effects your hitbox not your speed
That is my surfing guide if you have any questions please leave a response :grin:
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Re: A surfing guide

Postby Tornado123 » Thu Jun 16, 2016 5:46 am

Hey Hisiglemic, Your guide looks pretty good, however i think you need to add a little more to it. Talk about the s key, The s key will stop you in mid air and mid ramp, it is also good if you know you are going to go over the landing point you and hit s while over it to stop in mid air and just drop down.
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