Good Computer specs

Good Computer specs

Postby hisiglemic » Tue May 31, 2016 2:06 am

So as I am the greatest noob of computers of whats good or bad I would like to know if these specs are good or bad for gaming.
Windows 10 operating system
Windows 10 brings back the Start Menu from Windows 7 and introduces new features, like the Edge Web browser that lets you markup Web pages on your screen. Learn more ›
6th Gen Intel® Core™ i5-6400 processor
Smart dual-core, four-way processing performance. Intel Turbo Boost Technology delivers dynamic extra power when you need it, while increasing energy efficiency when you don't.
8GB system memory for advanced multitasking
Substantial high-bandwidth RAM to smoothly run your games and photo- and video-editing applications, as well as multiple programs and browser tabs all at once.
DVD/CD burner
Reads and writes to a wide variety of media formats, including DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, CD-R/RW and double-layer DVD.
1TB hard drive for ample file storage space
Holds a significant collection of digital photos, music, HD videos and DVD-quality movies. 7200 rpm spindle speed enables rapid read/write times for handling large files and complex applications.
NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 graphics
Driven by 2GB dedicated video memory to quickly render high-quality images for videos and gaming
Wired network connectivity
Built-in Gigabit Ethernet LAN port plugs into your wired network.
Please feel free to give me any suggestions
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Re: Good Computer specs

Postby HakureiReimu_Husky » Tue May 31, 2016 2:11 am

You're going to want to upgrade the GPU, and drop the windows 10. The GT730 is ancient as windows 10 though seemingly runs faster, has a multitude of issues, such as misrecognition of drivers, so all the sudden your keyboard won't work, or your screen, not to mention that it spies on you, sending all information you input through the machine to microsoft.
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Re: Good Computer specs

Postby Drewski » Tue May 31, 2016 5:03 am

You are actually getting a good CPU. GPU eh not so much. I will be running the same processor with 2 GTX 970s in sli. Bottlenecking won't be a issue for me (I hope). also what type of ram is it? 8Gb is good for gaming but is it DDR3 or DDR4?

As for the GPU, you can for sure upgrade to at least a 970 and not have any bottlenecking issues with the CPU listed. You might or might not have to upgrade your PSU (Power supply unit for that though) the reference card version of the 970 requires a minimum supply of 500Ws.

Everything else looks good for gaming.
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Re: Good Computer specs

Postby goinundercover » Tue May 31, 2016 6:06 am

While the Intel i5-6400 is using the latest Skylake architecture, it's one of the slowest clocked i5s. Try to see if you can get at least an i5-6500 as performance should increase by a decent amount.

NVIDIA's GT 730 is potato. It's actually about as strong as the integrated graphics on the CPU itself. Try to look for something with at least a GTX 950. I'll also note that NVIDIA's GTX 1080 and 1070 are almost on sale as well.

From the looks of it you're buying prebuilt.
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