Big head glitch in Freak Fortress #1

Big head glitch in Freak Fortress #1

Postby Buddha » Thu Jan 05, 2017 5:02 pm

Idk if this should be posted here or not but I see glitches and bugs posted here.
So, not long ago, many people on the Freak fortress #1 server were getting big heads without any kind of event taking place. When typing !head # it will make your head bigger, but it wont carry the effect when you are boss. While I was playing, I tried to roll the dice, and this is what happened in the consle.
-[FF]- Buddha : !rtd
Unknown command: sm_rtd <----- (This was big head)
G gamer killed PlasticenePortals with shahanshah.
-[FF]- Buddha : !rtd
FFD700[RTD] Rolled 32CD32Criticals.
The rtd cooldown was ignored and the time I had big head was ignored, but the crit effect was not.
I dont know why this is happening but I thought maybe this info could help?
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