NerfPlayeR135 Introduces Himself

NerfPlayeR135 Introduces Himself

Postby NerfPlayeR135 » Thu Jul 21, 2016 7:10 pm

This was probably long overdue, since I've been playing on Disc-FF for over 2 years, but here goes...

My username is NerfPlayeR135, but most people just call me Nerf. There's an interesting story behind my name: I learned how to use a personal computer from a very young age. My mother recalls me "navigating the maze-like corridors of Unreal Tournament like a professional." I never played UT with bots or players back then, likely because my father stripped the game of that ability, but I was able to fully play one FPS - Nerf ArenaBlast, an obscure and family-friendly UT clone. Because I played the game a TON as a kid, and beat it more times than I could count, my father and I came up with the username Nerfplayer when I wanted to create a Webkinz account. After that, the name just stuck, and I've been using it ever since.

You probably want to hear me talk about TF2, though, so let's get to that.

I started my TF2 career under my father's Steam account, Cadman804. I actually played with offline bots, not other people, for a year or two before getting into the real meat. My favorite map back then was koth_nucleus - probably because the bots' AI made most of them fall to their deaths at the start of a round.
After realizing TF2 was a multiplayer game for a reason, I got my own account and shared it with my brother, usually playing on Valve pubs. Then I started to look up modded gamemodes and came across Big Bang Gamers, a kid-friendly server group that happened to host Freak Fortress 2 servers. I spent one or two years on those servers before taking a hiatus from TF2. (I do that occasionally when other games occupy me or problems arise.)
When I returned, I started searching for Deathrun servers, which brung me to Disc-FF's community. I ditched BBG for you guys soon after, and I never regretted it. This community is one of the best TF2 has to offer, hands down. I've actually considered applying for adminship multiple times after seeing how likable and respectable people such as Dongle, Mindacos, Deity, and others can be - but I always felt that my lack of mic usage (I stutter a lot and my voice can often be mistaken for a child's or even a woman's) and the fact that I'm still in high school would hinder my chances. (What do you guys think? Would I be a good admin?) I eventually forced my brother to create his own Steam account, which he named The Lone Wolfy.

These days, I'm a regular on many of Disc-FF's servers, especially Deathrun. (I used to play on Valve CTF pubs, but Meet Your Match screwed that up.) I have plenty of binds, my most used being suicides, Lennies/dongers, and death teases such as "Presto! You're Ded." I like to make jokes and references to memes and video game culture, and I'm never afraid to report troublemakers. As of July 21st, 2016, I have one Unusual cosmetic (an Orbiting Planets Bombing Run) and four Professional Killstreak weapons (a Botkiller Scattergun, a Winger, an Atomizer, and a Bat Outta Hell), as well as other neat items.

It was nice being able to introduce myself fully here, and I hope this community continues to flourish. See you in the Badlands!


EDIT: It's getting rather lonely here...
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