Bob's (improved) Boss vs Boss admin application

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Bob's (improved) Boss vs Boss admin application

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In-Game name(s): bob

I am applying for admin on the Boss vs Boss/Freak vs Freak server

My SteamID is STEAM_0:1:582240564 and Steam community page is

Admins who have referred me:

I would make a good admin because ever since my last app I have gotten more familiar with the rules and know how to deal with people who do not follow rules. I also have been playing on the server more when I can, and I can say that I know how a majority of players are. As I attempt to be normal in chat I have improved on behavior and will do something if I can (reporting or just a problem in general).

Other things I should mention are
I have experience with being admin on about 3-4 servers and it will most likely not take long for me to get used to commands and other things. I mentioned this in the previous section but yes, I have matured myself into being able to handle admin. I mentioned this also but again, I am genuinely attempting to play more on the server and hopefully will be more helpful for new players and others, and trying to have a good time. :smile:
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