Downloafy's Official Admin/Moderator Application

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Downloafy's Official Admin/Moderator Application

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Do I have to have at least 300 hours in TF2?
Yes, I have 937.4 Hours in TF2 to be exact.

Do I have to have/use the mic?
Yes, I do use my mic sometimes.

Why I would be a great admin/moderator because..
every time I join some DISC-FF servers including the ZR servers
I would see some toxicity, racism and sexism, Which i do not like in the community.
Not a lot of admins are active in the ZR Community. I've been playing it everyday
for a year straight. I am a nice person that helps others in the ZR servers. I give tips on
which weapons you should use, what magic staff you should use, etc. I am African American.
The other things I should mention that I sometimes have a bad attitude when someone is being rude
to others or to me.
Thank you for reading this and consider to reply in the comments.

Forgot to include this:
I have been playing for a year but except my main account I lost the email and password to it so its possible the stats aren't there
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Re: Downloafy's Official Admin/Moderator Application

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Please include the proper format for your application so that it may be considered.

You will find the format here:

Also, please link your Steam account to your forum account. Instructions on how to do so are provided in the link posted above, or here.
If you have map suggestions for the DISC-FF Surf server, then you can ask me. I will set them up for you.

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