eno's Application for Zombie Riot

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eno's Application for Zombie Riot

Post by eno »

In-Game name(s): eno

I am applying for admin on the Zombie Riot server.

My SteamID is STEAM_0:1:447487236 and my Steam community page is https://steamcommunity.com/id/enothefirst/

Admins who have referred me: Artvin

I would make a good admin because I have contributed a lot to Zombie Riot, and I try to help new players if they have questions in terms of items or gameplay, or report any (significant) bugs that I find.
I also have past moderating experiences in certain gmod/discord servers.

Other thing I should mention is that I am currently unable to connect my Steam account to my forum account, the linking system broke a while ago, so I would need Fire to manually link it for me.
Nothing else to mention.
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Re: eno's Application for Zombie Riot

Post by Artvin »

he acts reasonable and i saw him act maturely and never really break rules so he's be good
so he gets a yippie (yes) from me
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Re: eno's Application for Zombie Riot

Post by Solace »

ever since your last application on bvb on the 8th of november 2022, I'd say that your behavior has improved drastically. You've started to become less toxic, you're acting alot more reasonable and mature, and you also do not break any rules. I see no reason why you shouldn't get a chance at it

it is a +Ref from me
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Re: eno's Application for Zombie Riot

Post by Fire »

Keep up your hours on the server and we will review you app first week of next month. Thanks.
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