Cawahi's 24/7 Idle Trade#1

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Cawahi's 24/7 Idle Trade#1

Postby Cawahi » Fri Feb 01, 2019 2:12 am

In-Game names : :D, Cutie McTutie

I am applying for the Idle#1 Trade server

Steam ID | steamID = 76561198247501462 | Steam Community Page:

Admins who have referred me: None

I would make a good Admin because I am on the server A lot. I can get on the server anytime of any day except, Tuesdays 11AM-1PM and Wednesdays 8:30AM-2PM, I know a lot of people and have friends on the server. Most of the Time I only play on the Idle#1 server or the DISC-FF Murder server. I am a playful person but I am serious when things get out of hand or when I need to be! I have helped many people who are new. I have a mic that I use. When I am on I see a lot of people who don't follow the rules and who don't respect other players. I connect very well with other players and am Very friendly. I am very slow to anger. I am not easily offended and can defend myself. I can answer most admin calls. I report when people are doing the wrong thing and I am always level Headed about situations.

I am good at getting along at people and I don't like to start fights. I only attack people In-Game if they kill me more than 3 times! I've been apart of the DISC-[FF] Community for a while and have played on 3 of the other DISC-[FF] servers. I know 3 Languages (Excluding English), and I am as respectful to people as I can. The servers I have played on are : DISC -[FF] Murderer Hide and seek, Idle#1, and DodgeBall.

NOTE: From the time I have made this application my School Schedule has changed. Until the end of my school calendar (May26) I will only have the Weekends and Monday Available to get on TF2. However I can still answer any and all Admin calls through this time period.
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