Reviewing Applications

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Reviewing Applications

Postby Fire » Fri Nov 18, 2011 6:19 pm

This is how applications will be processed:

The first week of every month I or SpicyCandy will hold an admin vote. Anyone who has a application posted before the 15th of of the previous month will be added to the voting list (all others will have to wait until the next vote).


If you post a admin application on January 15th you will get added to the voting list the first week in February.

If you post a admin application on Jan 16th you will get added to the voting list the first week in March.

The applicant must maintain at least 30+ hours of play time on our servers per month You must also understand, follow all of the rules listed on the server, and possess special qualities that make you different from others.

In the event that the applicant is voted into the admin team, there may be a restriction placed on them. If this is the applicant's first time filling in an admin position, they will automatically be given a "Trial Admin" status. Returning admins may also find themselves with a trial period; however, they can get full adminship if they prove themselves dedicated enough. During this time, all current admins of that server, including myself, will be watching you closely. At the end of the trial period there well be a vote from all admins on the server you applied for.

Trial admins may not:
1. Vote on applicants

Trial admins will be immediately removed and possibly banned if they are found violating our rules. The trial period will last at the least 1 month.

I reserve the right to stop taking applications at any time. I reserve the right to promote someone early if I see them doing well.

Frequently I see applicants with the bare minimum requirements, not bothering to do anything else. Frequently I'm asked on what I look for in an admin. You must meet the basic requirements, which is a given, but everything else is truly up to you. You need to show me what kind of admin you will be.

The information above is subject to change.
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