Apply for Admin FAQ/Notes

Apply for Admin FAQ/Notes

Postby SpicyCandy » Fri May 02, 2014 11:46 pm

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that Disc-FF has been asked by potential applicants.

How do I apply? And is there a format?

You are in the Apply for Admin section, so you're in the right place! If you haven't seen it already, this thread walks you through on how to make a proper application.

Do I have to make it in that format?

Yes, otherwise, regardless of how good you may be, or referrals you have received, your application will be ignored and trashed.

Do I have to have at least 300 hours in TF2?

Yes. 300 hours itself is the bare minimum.

Do I have to have/use the mic?

Yes. This itself is an absolute requirement. People who are too shy or not willing to use the mic will not have a chance at receiving adminship.

Is there an age limit for applying for admin?

No. However, this would depend on who you are and how the server you are applying for reacts to your personality/attitude/voice.

How can I make my application look nice?

A proper format is the first step. After that, most of what you write that may/may not appeal to us would be "I would make good admin because..." The "Other things I should mention are..." part of the application is a place where you can write about who you are as a person, what you represent, what you may like, etc.

Other than that, the admins and I look out for applications that stand out.

How do I stand out?

That's for you to show us, not for us to tell you.

If I get voted up, will I automatically get admin on the server I applied for?

In the event that the applicant (you) is voted into the admin team, there may be a restriction placed on them. If this is the applicant's first time filling in an admin position, they will automatically be given a "Trial Admin" status. During this time, all current admins of that server watching the applicant closely. Returning admins may also find themselves with a trial period; however, they can get full adminship if they prove themselves dedicated enough.

What's the difference between trial admins and full admins?

Trial admins may not vote on applicants. Trial admins will be immediately removed and possibly banned if they are found violating our rules. The trial period will last at the least 1 month. Trial admins will be immediately removed and possibly banned if they are found violating our rules.

Here are some tips to applicants (And simple answers to many questions)

1. Never bug or hound an admin for a referral. You will not get one with this method
2. Putting down rulebreakers and calling in the admin does not guarantee you an admin spot. There are many who can do this.
3. When applying, remember. You are NOT yet an admin of that server. Acting as such will be regarded as either a
negative influence on the server or admin impersonation.
4. Do NOT add the Owner or Co-Owner to give you admin or a referral. Do not add either of us for any reason
involving the applications UNLESS we ask you to add us on Steam.

Good luck to all applicants.
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