Spitballing For Murder Mod

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Spitballing For Murder Mod

Postby 82$ CardBoard » Fri Nov 09, 2018 12:52 am


Lets say your in the middle of a intense Murder mod game but a random innocent bystander starts to following you every where you go you ask him/her to stop following you but they persist its been awhile since there was a murderer and there starting to catch up to you you think to yourself I guess its worth the risque then you spend the next few rounds waiting waiting to get a gun again But then it happens again you never shot anyone who follows you anymore and die constantly but atleast your not losing your karma eh?

Idea 1
What If the bystander with gun, the one who spawned in with it has a sapper that can stun someone for 1 sec with a very very low range and it does not effect murds you may be thinking its a great way to check if there a murd or not well the sapper comes with 3 charges and if a Bystander with a gun runs at a murd with a sapper the murd will stab them with there longer range. But that would still be to op right so what if it takes 1 sec to switch from your sapper to your gun? and since they only have 2 weapons they cant do the common glitch of switching to another weapon. As well for the peaple that do not enjoy the stun sapper the delay does not happen until you use the charge at least one of the three times

Idea 2
If the bystander with gun spawns with a secondary gun with 1 shot and stuns for 2 seconds and it does effect murds but is terribly in accurate Sorta like the ambassadorish

Pretty sure this will never be implemented in the game but hey it would be hella fun.

Thanks for taking your time for reading this

-82$ Cardboard (some kid who has no clue how to program)

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Re: Spitballing For Murder Mod

Postby MoneyKidKing » Sat Nov 10, 2018 1:24 am

I would appreciate it if you kept suggestions for the murder server in the pinned "Murder Mod" topic.
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Re: Spitballing For Murder Mod

Postby Mitch » Sat Nov 10, 2018 9:05 am

Why? These are valid suggestions that start a separate conversation, makes it easier to keep issues/bugs with murder in the murder mod thread (the thread that basically started because it was a request to open a murder server) separate. I dont really care either which way, but from a forum browser stand point long threads are a bitch to deal with when it comes to context.

On topic, i like the idea, it definitely opens the case of Gun classes to the gamemode. I might look into ways to balance a few classes that bystanders can be, if anything events come into mind where a team of bystanders are formed of different classes. Also note keep in mind people can be assholes, so let's avoid giving them a way to be one.
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