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ZippyBlitzDitz wrote:As much as I hate putting this map on the spot, I think I have a proposal to either fix up both of the fnaf maps or completely get rid of them.

First, the first map has it's potential but usually what happens is everyone groups up and dies, there isn't really a way to hide individually due to a lot of players being put into the map at the same time. Also it's really hard to run away from most of those bosses once you are caught, and I am well aware of the "hide away" aspect of that map. Though let's be fair, who does that on a slender map to begin with? It can be a very easy map yes but keep in mind the community behind fnaf has died down since it's "golden age". It's fair to say that this map is not really appreciated as it used to be. I actually witness a lot of times where no one wants to play on it due to the map itself and the aspect of it.

Secondly, frankly every time we got on the second fnaf map it usually resolves around very easy bosses that waist six or more minutes in a map everyone dislikes It's very boring to see plague doctor slowly wobbling towards players when they can just circle around him. Either give the second fnaf map it's original bosses (of course toned down a bit), or completely get rid both of that map as well. What's the point of it being a fnaf map where there's never of an occasion where the fnaf two bosses are there. It's a little goofy don't you think?

Lastly. no one really appreciates them anymore, why bother to keep something everyone dislikes? Plus why would you have the second map and have Trager or any other bosses in the selected boss pack chase you down in a very small limited map? I have little to no idea how the fnaf bosses work, and I'm willing to take time and look into their stats for a proper nerf. Also the first map I've clearly stated, it's just too small and cramp to have around ten or more players on it.

I think the two maps shouldn't be removed, but, at least, altered. Or, as far as the first map goes, at least the bosses. The main issue with fiverounds isn't the map itself, as the layout of it is actually very well thought out, considering what the creator had to deal with. The bosses all have stats relative to that of individual bosses, and that is the key flaw. As they are always in a group, each of them should be, at least, slightly weaker than the typical boss. At the same time, there are too many players put into fiverounds, especially for the small size that it is.

As for Return, it's good as it is- at least, for the most part. There are several bosses that are far too easy that spawn on the map, namingly Weepers or 049. The simplest fix for this would be the same as the first map- as I can't help but notice that I've downloaded models for the bosses meant for this map, yet have never seem them. Just use them but have them slightly weaker than individual bosses. It's already a five nights at freddy's based map, mainly picked to be played by fans of the games, might as well make them slightly more resemblant as to what people chose them for...

... This made sense when I first started typing it. Oh well.
Shhhhh, I'll make it work.
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Postby Joy yaboy 2 » Thu Oct 20, 2016 10:08 pm

I suggest We do a Emily wants to Play map. we would have five bosses, the dolls and Emily. you would have to hit the clock for the round to start. you have to survive for 5 mins and go to the entrance to escape.
If you accept this, I would be Happy! :grin:

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Postby Jason Wolf » Fri Mar 17, 2017 10:58 pm

So I was possibly thinking that we could get red to only hear red and blu only hear blu. There is honestly no point in having both sides hear only red and not blu. It just causes a lot of people talking at once, but we can't just tell each side to stop talking so one person can talk because red can't hear us, but we can hear them. So could we possibly have only Blu and Red hear their sides only and not have Red speak over Blu?

*I wasn't sure if I should make this post here or make a new topic. Sorry if I was necroposting.*
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Postby Dongle » Sat Mar 18, 2017 2:38 pm

This has been fixed for the longest time. You can disable RED voices by going into /slsettings.
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Postby FreshWater » Mon Jun 26, 2017 10:49 pm

Add badlands, or ask to add citadel and tower of babel
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