Trading bot shop

Trading bot shop

Postby Banshee » Mon Jun 29, 2015 4:11 am

Hey everyone, I made some trading bots that do various things. One is for scrapbanking, one is for buying/selling keys.

Links to my outpost trades:

Here's the links to the bot's profiles. Add them, trade them, talk to them if you're lonely, anything.
Siren (scrapbank):
Ariadne (keys):

A link to my steam group:
Even if you don't trade with them, join my group cause you're a good friend who wants to support an aspiring trader.

I will always be scrapbanking for standard prices. You give me a scrap, I give you a weapon. You give me 2 weapons, I give you a scrap.
I will always be selling/buying keys near the price. I am buying keys for 18.88 ref, and selling for 19.33 ref.

If you need help or discover any problems, please add me and tell me about them. Thanks.

Pls no scam my bots. They don't know any better.


I also make custom bots that do various things. One example of this is the admin bot, which I made, that gets all of the steamIDs of everyone in the admin group, and sends them all announcements from Spicy/Fire almost instantly.

I can basically do anything that's already possible to do on steam as a human. Anyone from this community will get a HUGE discount, as I usually charge around $80 for a bot, I'll sell it to anyone here for maybe $20, and if it's simple enough, free. So, if you want me to make you one, hit me up on steam and we'll talk.
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Trade #1
Trade #2
Trade #3

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