Selling Items for Paypal Cash

Selling Items for Paypal Cash

Postby BigNastyTeddyBear » Mon Aug 03, 2015 2:47 am

I've been having really bad money issues as of late so I'm being forced to sell the following for Paypal cash

-Unusual Blizzardy Storm Texas Ten Gallon for $59 US Dollars even
-Strange Professional Killstreak Australium Frontier Justice for $57 US Dollars even

If anyone is interested you can add me Here
If you're worried about me scamming you I assure you I have no intentions of doing so. This is the ONLY group of community servers that I go to play TF2 other than Mann VS Machine. If someone reports me with evidence of me scamming them I'll accept a perm ban from this community and its website.

If anyone tries to report me for scamming them without any evidence or is caught falsely accusing me of doing so you will regret it because I have no intentions of using Paypal for anything other than selling TF2 items like these two. I will have proof of my innocence so do not think for a second that you will get away with it.
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