Ban evasion exploit report

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Ban evasion exploit report

Postby Feedmadcat » Mon Mar 18, 2019 3:27 am

Your in-game name: Anime is KILLING America
Your in-game Steam Community Link:

Rulebreaker's Steam Community Link:

Server on which the rulebreaking occured: -[]- |24/7 Freak Fortress #1| [Amp/Crits/RTD]


Proof: I believe that I have evidence that Master Naoto is op is evading his permanent ban. His gameME stats show that he was able to join the server for several minutes on March 7th, 8th, and March 16th. ... ts/2622240 His chat log also shows he successfully joined the server on those dates ... at/2622240 . Faiithe issued an additional permanent ban on March 8th for using an alt account, however his Steam ID shows that this was his original account and he was not using an alt. Somehow he is still able to join sometimes despite his Steam ID being blocked. I believe that additional action may be necessary (like blacklisting the IP address he joins from, assuming it doesn't change often) or submitting a bug report to Source Bans.

Thank you.

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Re: Ban evasion exploit report

Postby White Sedan » Mon Mar 18, 2019 3:40 pm

Fire has been running tests, this will be resolved soon.
Hoff wrote:Consider yourself lucky I am not taking legal action against your server.

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