Convert Vanity Links to Numerical Links for Applications

Convert Vanity Links to Numerical Links for Applications

Postby Armen » Mon Feb 27, 2017 2:51 am

This is not necessary for making applications, however it can be helpful for admins.

I decided to make this for one reason:
I will occasionally see people link their profiles that have a custom URL. This is not a huge issue but if you change your vanity URL name, the link will no longer work which makes it harder to view your profile quickly.

There is a website (and probably more) that allows you to put in a vanity URL and it will give you information about the profile including the regular numerical URL that each person is given after registering.
This site is or you can simply type Steam I/O in Google and it will be the first option.

Steam I/O is very easy to use. Just put your Vanity URL in the lookup search bar. Upon entering the link, and pressing enter or clicking Lookup, it will bring you to the information of your profile:

Spoiler: show

And then just copy the numerical URL next to "profile":

Spoiler: show

Now just use that numerical URL on your applications.
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