Roll Suggestion: Extra Life

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Mr Pockets
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Roll Suggestion: Extra Life

Postby Mr Pockets » Fri Oct 28, 2016 7:06 am

Title says all. would there be any way to code a roll of an Extra Life allowing one more spawn in? it sounds real complicated, but i remember speaking of it and recieving some sweet replies.

so figured id put it in digital ink
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Re: Roll Suggestion: Extra Life

Postby FawfulRoach » Fri Oct 28, 2016 7:09 am

Just an fyi, you posted this in the CS:GO forums. Requesting to move this to the tf2 complaints and suggestions sub forum.
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Re: Roll Suggestion: Extra Life

Postby Mitch » Fri Oct 28, 2016 8:38 am

I'm pretty sure this was a roll that was removed before on a different rtd system because spawning in late would cause some issues with the mods.

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