CSGO servers?

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CSGO servers?

Postby Don » Sun May 05, 2019 6:32 pm

Hey everyone, its me Don (or cheX). I was with -[FF]- for a very long time and decided to see if there are any csgo servers or any plans for some? I miss jailbreak servers and none are good in CSGO right now lol.

Shoutout to Fire, Scottish and Candyman if they all still play!

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Re: CSGO servers?

Postby Fire » Fri May 10, 2019 11:36 pm

Damn dude it's been a very long time. We don't have any CS:GO servers just TF2 atm. Jailbreak is something I still don't think I want to get into again, I actively avoid it, too much stress.

I'd like to make CS:GO servers but the people at Valve are very unfriendly to community owners in that game. The game is unnecessarily difficult to code for, they ban people from hosting servers if they use skins or give fake weapons, they completely removed the MOTD HTML page so it's impossible to use ads to help pay for the servers, and recently they have caused some issue where your server wont even show up on the global server list unless people use tags in their search.

TF2 has Jailbreak servers maybe try that. Or check out the Murder server ( in TF2 you might like that game mode.


Also sorry for the late response. I don't check the forums as much as I should since we opened up the Discord. Maybe check that out I'm in there everyday. Nice to hear from you again.
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