Dodgeball Tournament

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Dodgeball Tournament

Postby MoneyKidKing » Tue Apr 21, 2020 3:50 pm

Please join the Discord to stay up to date for any changes!

• Friday, May 8th starting at 3 pm EST- All rounds before the quarterfinals
• Saturday, May 9th starting at 2 pm EST- Quarterfinals through the grand finals

• Single elimination, doubles tournament
• One set, best of nine rounds up to the quarterfinals
• One set, best of eleven rounds through the grand finals
• Win by two
• Maps - tfdb_blucourt_intox, tfdb_octagon_a6, and tfdb_box_evening
• VRS - 150% or 200% (see #sign-up)

Prizes (per team)
• 1st Place: 2 Unusual Hats
• 2nd Place: 10 Keys
• 3rd Place: 6 Keys
• 4th Place: VIP

• Open to everyone
• Begins Monday, April 20th
• Ends Monday, May 4th
• Takes place on
• Maximum 32 teams
• Keep your name as close to your steam name is possible

• All players should be reachable on Discord
• Once registered, your team is expected to remain available beginning at the listed times, through the
end of your last match for that day. If any conflicts arise, notify a tournament organizer as soon as
• Should a player not arrive for their match on time, their opponent may provide a grace period, wherein
the match will be skipped, for a maximum duration of up until the end of that round
• In the event that only one player on a team is present, they may choose to play that match solo. However, all
teams must register with two players
• Ringers are not permitted
• Participation in the tournament may be revoked at any point for violation of any Disc-FF rules
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Re: Dodgeball Tournament

Postby MoneyKidKing » Sun May 10, 2020 11:20 am

Thank you everyone who participated in the tournament! Here are the standings:

1st: NoFunAllowed - Sunny D+ and clout

2nd: WashedUpWinners - Dave and Lexi

3rd: TheESRustys - groovy and Mcshades

4th: join maxdb - Dragonborn and Blizzy

We are currently working on ideas to have more events soon, so keep your eyes out!

Full Day 2: Quarterfinals through Finals
Shia Suprise

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