An Apology.

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An Apology.

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this is gonna be alot of words
but if you have heard of me in DISC-FF servers, or as a content creator, or whatever, please read this.

Hi, my name is bob, or Tint, or alot of other names. But lets get to the point on why im saying this.
I had/have a absolute terrible past with this community (i wouldnt say past, more like the past couple of months) and to be honest, after my awful attempt of being a new person in the community, i could tell it really was not fooling everyone. But the reason i did this was because this "bob" character was pretty hated for doing random things and just wasnt a fun guy to hangout with. So after that i decided that most known people were pretty neat guys in the community. So firstly (I regret this with all of my life, i also dont think i should be saying this in the forums or i may get banned, but listen to me here.), i impersonated as Noobis, a contributor to FF2 and some other things, turns out, that when i impersonated, my life completely changed! Everyone was so nice and calm (i REALLY shouldnt be saying this, i feel like im gonna have the risk of being banned after this aswell.)
After those times, i impersonated as other admins, and thats when people started to notice (Especially ihop, which i think he noticed right when i started). After those terrible moments, i decided to get off my computer and go outside for a moment. Think about what ive done and why, i realize that i probably made alot of admins/developers very mad, and so after that, i decided to do something that was a little better but worse than impersonating.Changing my name to make everyone think i was a new person. This all started on the BVB discord server, whenever i got a warning, i would leave and rejoin a new person. i highly regret this decision due to my love for BvB and the discord server. I have no idea why i would just throw that life away. I tried to make some excuses as: "i left on accident" and some others that i forgot about.

Today, i feel so sad about what i did in this community, that some might not even have noticed. Some people (well, most people) might not forgive me at all, and i understand that. But please forgive me all, for i apologize deeply, and i really want to continue supporting DISC-FF and play on my favorite servers, but i truly cant because i keep getting reminded about all the horrible things that ive done on DISC-FF as a whole (i didnt technically ruin it at all, just the servers.) and i just couldnt play for one minute. And when i tried, its like nobody talked to me anymore, just ignored me. The reason i impersonated at all was so i felt "famous" and "known". I just wanted people to talk to me, and not feel lonely. And now with this being banned from the bvb discord from rejoining too much, i honestly feel sad and it makes me lose motivation for making more youtube videos and other things. So please, DISC-FF, Please let me come back to the one thing that makes me happy daily.

-Thanks, bob.
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