osuJ's Ban

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osuJ's Ban

Postby Chris_tex » Sat Feb 06, 2016 6:57 pm




"Admin impersonation"

After playing on your amazing servers, I've had a fun time playing within the few recent days, and I ended up changing my name to osuJ, after awhile I've been know around the server as that, and everything was fine for a few days, after playing today, I was asked to change me name by yourselvs, and I refused due to Juso telling me my name was fine already. He then lead to say that it doesn't matter what Juso said, and that I can't have my name as osuJ (even though it's two completely different names). This leads me to believe that I have the right to tell him I want the server owner in here to tell me himself that I can, or can't have the name. He then refused to allow me to do that (even though it basically means he though he had power over another admin, Juso which is complete bs imo).

I feel I should be unbanned, due to me being falsely banned, and me not being allowed to have my own individual name, even though multiple previous admins allowed me to have the name. I also wish you talk to the admin that banned me, if you feel I was falsely banned, so I can stay known under my name. Thank you and have a good day.
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Re: osuJ's Ban

Postby yourselvs » Sat Feb 06, 2016 11:58 pm

Hello there, first off, the ban was 30 minutes long. You've been unbanned for several hours.

While in-game, I explained to you my reasoning for why that counted as admin impersonation. I am going to explain it again, but let me preface with this: My interpretation of a rule violation outweighs the opinion of an admin who is offline. Also, I am not just going to take your word for it that an admin has allowed you to do what I see as a rule violation.

Your name is Juso's name backwards. There is no way to argue that this does not cause a correlation between your name and Juso's. Especially knowing the fun personality that Juso has, it is not surprising if he himself decided to put his name backwards as a joke. It would be assumed that it is him. In addition, you took his profile picture and flipped it horizontally and set it as your own profile picture. The reason for an admin impersonation rule to be set up is to make sure that admins are identifiable as such. If you see a recognisable name with a recognisable photo, you should be able to tell they are an admin. The first time I saw you, I actually mistook you for Juso, and attempted to talk to you in chat as such, until I was corrected.

This whole situation would be fine and left unpunished if you had just simply changed your name to something else. However, you repeatedly defied me after I asked you to change your name several times. The first rule, that comes before impersonating an admin, is respect all admins. That itself is supposed to result in a lengthy ban.

Lastly, just because previous admins have not prevented you from having that name does not mean you don't have to respect my authority to do so. Until I receive explicit advice from them, I stand by my decision. Your ban was temporary and, according to the rules, should have been "lengthy". You are lucky it wasn't.
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Re: osuJ's Ban

Postby Fire » Thu Feb 11, 2016 10:38 pm

When a admin asks you to do something then you should do it. If you disagree with the admin bring it to the forums in the form of a complaint and it will be looked at and ruled on. If you had done that there would have been no ban.

In this case I'd personally rather you didn't use a admins name and profile picture in combination even if it was backwards. Thanks for understanding.

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