Change Log (Last Update: 2/2/2019)

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Change Log (Last Update: 2/2/2019)

Postby Fire » Fri Nov 21, 2014 10:41 pm

Will update this list when I finish fixing a issue or adding something new to the servers.

This list was created on my admins only forum but I decided to make it public.

If something I post on here isn't correct or a fix I posted isn't working make a thread on this forum. I will post a format guide on here also to report issues with changes.

Change Log:

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Idle Map Updated:


-Misc performance updates and fixes
-Surf ramp fixed and now surfs like butter 
-Two new secrets added including a new area

Freak Fortress:

NEW Boss Shovel Knight (Boss Pack #1)

Class Soldier
Weapon Shovel
Speed 350
Health slight above avg
Damage needed to get 100% rage 3000

Super Jump + Fast Weight Down

Rage (Shovel Spin): On rage the boss will start to spin with his shovel held out for 10 seconds. While spinning the boss can still move, jump and attack normally. While in spin mode the boss gets some perks:

Speed increased to 420
Protection from crits
Incoming damage from players reduced by 35%
Incoming damage from sentries reduced by 50%
Knock back reduced by 50%
Can't be stunned

As well, the boss will deal 40 damage per second to players in a small 250 radius around him. This spin damage will go through uber (his normal attack don't go through uber).



Weeping Angel - New non-flashing overlay, reduced overlay time from 7 to 5 seconds

Captain Falcon - Gave uber for duration of his rage (5 seconds), gave 50% less knockback, gave instant weightdown

Bastion - Increase rage needed to go turret mode from 35% to 65%

Fixed Billy the Doll description

Fixed Pokemon Trainer boss with correct spelling of Pidgeotto

Typing !ff2dmg on/# will now save to player settings so you don't have to type it every map.

If you have the Atomizer in your load out and you are NOT holding it, when you do a 3rd jump it will deal you 10 damage

Airblasting has a 2.5 second cooldown between blasts

Ullapool Caber will now regenerate after 5 seconds

Removed Bat Swarm RTD

Removed map Nintendo MM

Hellaswag: Removed secret mini game area and removed voicemenu spam sound clips. If there are any more issues with this map then I will remove it again.

Added maps (need testing):




-If you have the Atomizer in your load out and you are NOT holding it, when you do a 3rd jump it will deal you 10 damage
-Airblasting has a 2.5 second cooldown between blasts
-Vampire RTD disabled
-Kunai max overheal changed from 400 to 350
-Wrap Assassin no longer reduces rage but has 5 balls (line 500)
-Reduced damage on Crusader's Crossbow by 15%
-Eviction Notice no longer drains health
-CBS was given some knockback resistance similar to other bosses
-Spy nailgun (replacement for sapper) firing speed reduced to normal pistol speed
-Ullapool Caber will now regenerate after 5 seconds
-The boss will no longer be able to get taunt crits



Updated map: Fixed water texture, added arcade games to box in the sky, fixing lighting in spawns, did some optimization to the map

New rules for Idle: 

-Do not put portals inside of spawn or where it can effect AFK players.
-Keep sentries to your teams side of the map. Don't aim sentries into spawns.



Added maps (needs testings):




I've updated the Fists of Steel. 

-You can't take damage except from melee weapons.
-Melee weapons 1 shot you.
-Your weapons take 5 seconds to holster.
-You can't be overhealed or get health from healers with the fists out.
-I removed the added speed bonus while this weapon was in your loadout.

This might be a tad overkill but I'm willing to hear feedback. It should fix the issue of the heavy combo being too OP though hopefully.


Murder at the Manor 3.7.0 Changelog

Bug Fixes:
• Fix !forgive command in chat
• Alchemist potions damage increase when alchemist dies.
• Fix for the "shown intent" feature being useless

• Added more artifacts dependening on how many players.

Class Balances:
• Alchemist:
 - Stun potion lasts for *1.5 seconds (prev. 2.5 seconds)
 - effect range lowered from 200.0 units to 125.0 units
• Hunter:
 - Remove swaying of screen from poison.
 - Remove speed decrease.
 - Made milk glow after a 20 seconds
 - Removed ESP glow while holding sapper, esp from poison is still there
• Shinobi:
 - Cloak lasts longer, allowing for better movement
• Sunsteel:
 - Laser will no longer go through players, direct hits will do more damage.
 - Laser will do 10 damage per tick instead of 6.
• Styx:
 - Nerfed short shadow strike recovery time.

New Murderer Class:
• Jack Frost
  + Leaves frozen models after killing his victims

New Maps:
• Inferno
• Dust2
• Iglesia
• Oofbay
• Skyscraper


NEW! Boss Necrozma added to Boss Pack #6:

Base class: sniper
Speed: 330
Health: avg
damage to get 100% rage: 3500

Passive: slightly longer melee range

Super Jump
Fast Weightdown

Rage (Prismatic Laser): On rage gain uber and frozen in place for 5 seconds. Shoots multi colored beams of death 360 degrees around his body. Beams explode on impact and do between 50-100 damage depending on how close to impact you are. While frozen you can use your crosshair to aim and sometimes a beam will shoot where you are pointing randomly.

Will monitor the boss and review in a few days when some data has been collected.

Hope you all enjoy!


Saxton Hale:

-Set deadringer attributes to how they were in old Saxton.
-Deadringer and InvisWatch now take damage from Hale like in old Saxton.
-Solider now takes 1/10th fall damage like in old Saxton.
-HHH now can climb faster and higher and was given a little more resistance to knockback.
-Sydney Sleeper no longer jarates Hale and now works just like normal Sniper Rifle.
-Plague Doctor boss removed.

There is a issue currently with !setboss menu that might have broken on last TF2 update. It seems to always pick random. Working on fixing this.


Update to RTD on FF2/VSH servers:

-Added two new rolls "Mercs Die Twice" and "Drunk Walk"
-Updated Godmode roll to give Uber
-Updated Madaras Whistle to not damage the user and increased damage from 150 to 500
-Updated Deadly Voice SFX to fix FPS drop and lag issues on use and increased damage per hit from 72 to 120

-Added New RTD to both Idles and MarioKart servers.


-Updated Trade server Map.

-Updated Saxton server with newest version of the public release. There are 2 added bosses and a !setboss menu. Lots of other things have been changed from my version so check it out and let me know how it is. If things need to be tweaked I will look into it. Thanks.

Murder at the Manor v3.6.0 Changelog:

• Artifacts now heal if picked up and the player is damaged. (around 25hp)
• Typing forgive in chat will forgive the player that killed you and reduce their karma impact (Menu removed)
• New maps! Vizard, Slasher, Healltrain, Undercrypt, Gothic.
• Map occurrence switched from 5 maps to 8 recently played maps.
• Top where it displays players health is now fixed and wont show damage on other players.

Class Changes:
• Disguiser Buff:
  + Backstabs will now remove the body after a kill along with instant disguise as the player killed

• Cloaker Nerf:
  - Feigning death will remove the cloak and dagger and give the murderer a debuffed version of the inivis watch.

• Jack the Ripper Buff:
  + Removed the reduced melee range of 0.75x to be a normal spy knife range.

• Butcher Rework:
  + Removed the 0.5x reduced melee range (now normal with the spies knife).
  - Butcher can no longer collect his knives after throwing them, you must wait for them to come back
  - Decreased charge rate of throwing (2x -> 1.5x)
  - Added self damage on missed melee attacks. (This is a class based on range not melee)

• Hunter Buff:
  + Charge will now only effect sprinting (Zoom and ESP are now infinite)
  - Recharging sprint will take longer now (however will charge while not on knife)
  + Poisoning a player will leave an ESP mark on the player until they die or pickup an antidote.

• The Mad Alchemist Buff:
  + Explosion potion will now do more damage (30 -> 50dmg)
  + Lightning potion will last longer. (2.5 - 4.0 seconds)
  + All AOE potions changed from range 150 to 200.

• Shinobi Rework:
  + Throwing knives now do more damage (25 -> 50dmg)
  + Thrown knives will come back sooner (10 -> 5 seconds)
  ? Inviswatch replaced with cloak and dagger with high degen rate.

New Classes!
• Styx [Shadowmancer]

• Sunsteel [Lightbender]

NEW Boss Spyro added to Boss Pack #5:

-Class Pyro
-Health avgerage
-Speed below average
-Damage to 100% rage 3,000
-Model and hit box is small

Weapon Dragon's Fury:

-Low damage
-Very high range
-Uses 20 ammo per shot with 200 ammo cap (no airblast)
-Removes afterburn after 0.01 seconds
-300% damage to burning players
-Speed increases per hit
-Sometimes you can hit directly after your first shot and it will do 300% damage
-Ammo does not auto refill

Dash Charge:

-If you touch any player or if anyone touches you they get stunned for 1 second, take 10 damage and you gain 100 ammo.


-Dash: Look in any direction and jump and hold down jump key. This Dash is special, after you use dash you will have reduced knockback for a couple seconds.
-Glide: While in the air press reload key to deploy a parachute, crouch to stop using it.
-Fast Weight-Down


-Burns players in a 500 radius for 8 seconds. While players are on fire your main weapon does 300% damage to them.
-Your ammo is refilled to 200.
-Sentry stun in 1,000 radius for 5 seconds.



-Made some changes to maplist and added 37 new maps. This is the New Map List:
-All classes now have 300 movement speed. Weapons do not help increase speed.
-You can now type !hide to toogle hidding your weapons or other players. This should help make your view of the traps unobstructed.


Freak Fortress:

Vegeta: Lowered max health by about 3%. Changed knock back resistance from 60% to 45%.

Bastion: Has uber while in either tank or turret mode for full duration of transformation (loses uber if he goes back to default mode). He can now fire almost instantly after transforming (previously was 1 sec wait time). His minigun in turret mode now has no spread, 100% accuracy.

Spyper: Gave 5 second stun on players and sentries in 500 radius on rage. Now has instant weigh-down.

Sonic: Reduced health by around 13%.

Jason: His teleport is different coding than normal point teleport. To get max distance you need to point at walls not the ground like you normally would. I have updated the code so instead of center screen saying "Skills Remaining: 3" it now has a warning "Point At Walls - Not Ground: 3". Hopefully this will fix some confusion. 

Weepingangel: Added back Weepingangel to Boss Pack #2. This boss has been buffed. Damage to 100% rage changed from 500 to 1500. 80% knock back resistance. Removed chance at random crits. Decreased time to 100% charge for teleport to player from 4 seconds to 1.5 seconds. Stun+Scare on players and sentries on rage for 7 seconds in a 1500 radius. On rage boss also gets speed boost from 100 to 420 speed for 7 seconds. Also was given fast weigh-down.

Updated Haunter Model made by Noobis.


Freak Fortress:


-Removed his 50% knockback resistance
-Reduced attack speed by 40%
-Duration of rage reduced from 8 seconds to 7 seconds



-Added some new bosses to pack6


Porky (EarthBound)[boss pack #4]:

Boss has 2 lives
First life is statue model (slower movement speed, higher attack damage)
Second life is machine body (faster movement speed+attack speed, lower damage)
Rage spawns minions that are scouts with high health. They can run up to players and press E and explode dealing damage in a radius.



Added back team crits rtd and infin ammo rtd (can't roll infin ammo on medic, engi, heavy).


-Vegeta is now blocked from gridwalls because his rages goes through walls.


-removed map murder_against_all_odds_b2 unpopular.


-Axtinguisher revert to how it was before big TF2 update.


-Fixed !hop command with new method to redirect players.


Freak Fortress: 

-vsh_chernobyl_beta: fixed the car on the map so you can no longer get stuck inside it.
-Slenderman: updated boss music to add last man standing music suggested by Sedan.
-Lich King: updated boss model to a newer model with better animations done by Noobis.


-Static Shock has been nerfed. His health has been reduced by 8.5%, the damage he needs to take to get 100% rage has been changed from 3,000 to 4,000 and the duration of his rage has been reduced from 10 seconds to 8 seconds.

-Map added to Murder: vsh_asylum_v1 

-Map added to Slender: slender_desecration_b2a


Freak Fortress:

NEW Boss added to Boss Pack #3:

Static Shock:

Class Demoman
Avgerage Health
Damage to 100% Rage 3000
Speed 320

Movement flight (like Vegeta)
Fast Weight Down

Main attack throws Static Orbs similar to Mewtwo.

On Rage he has a Electromagnetic Shield for 10 seconds. This shield prevents him from taking damage by sending all attack back towards the enemy. Similar to Wobbuffet's rage except this literally sends all attacks back. So if you are smart and stop attacking when you see him rage, a team member might not be, and if they were to say shoot a rocket at him it will send the rocket back and could end up killing you as well.


-Updated Jetpack so you can only use it when you are resized.

-Updated portal and zones plugins to allow portals to be placed on more surfaces around the map.


-Updated Cave Johnson model to more realistic model on all FF2 servers. Model rigged and donated to us by JuegosPablo (and TzKet-Death fixed a head hitbox issue).


-Changed map time on Saxton from 45 to 30 minutes.

-ff2_addpoints command can now be used by all admins. This command should ONLY be used if the server crashed or something on the server happens to cause a player to miss out on their boss round. If I find out it's being used for other reasons it will be removed.

-Delfino Airstrip map has been edited and readded to both FF2 and VSH servers.



-Players can now triple just with the Atomizer even if it isn't out.


New Boss: The Slap-Slinging Smacker (Boss Pack #2)

Health average
Class Pyro
Damage needed to rage 3000
Speed 330
Base Damage 189
Some knockback resistance

Super Jump
Fast Weight Down


1000 radius stun sentry for 8 seconds
Super fast attack speed for 10 seconds
Everyone in 500 radius of the boss will be slapped for 6 seconds (1 slap every 0.2 seconds). Each slap does 5 damage and goes through uber. It will slap you into the air so you need to also take into account fall damage.


Freak Fortress:

New Boss added to Boss Pack #1.


Movement speed slow
Rage damage 3000
Health average
Weapon Fists
60% knock back reduction

Fast Weight Down

Movement (Fly): Run forward and hold down the jump key to fly. You are given a power bar that drain as you use fly and refills when you stop using it.

Rage (Final Flash): When you are at 100% rage your hair will turn blue and you have a particle trail. When you rage your player will freeze and you will not be able to move your mouse. Players/Sentries in 1000 radius will be stunned and players movement speed will be reduced to 10. You will also have uber throughout the duration of the rage. After around 2 seconds of charging you will fire a beam where you are looking in a cone. Players hit by the beam will take 300 damage. At the end of the beam it will explode whatever it comes in contact with. This explosion will cause a 500 radius blast that will do 500 damage from the center and less damage as you move away from the center.


Freak Fortress:


-Removed ability for minions to backstab
-Decreased minion melee damage from 45 to 39
-Minions now have 30% damage reduction from all sources 


-Removed 80% damage reduction from melee weapon


-Increased Uber time on transformation from 2 seconds to 5 seconds

Grey Alien:

-Increased power of rage beams


-Base damage increased from 90 to 135
-Now has instant reload speed

Gordon Freeman:

-Reduced max health from 37,000 to 28,000 (800 to 580)

Agent Smith:

-Removed random crits
-Reduced uber time from 5 to 3 seconds


Freak Fortress:


-Increased damage to 100% rage from 3000 to 3300.
-Reduced extended range on rage weapon slightly.
-Minions now get a Bat Outta Hell that is a knife and can backstab. Base damage for weapon is 40.


Freak Fortress:

NEW Boss Shapeshifter (Pack 4)

Super Jump
Fast Weight Down
Medium Health
3000 Damage to 100% Rage
Speed depends on what class he is

When this boss kills a player he will turn into that players class. He has a different weapon for each class and each weapon gives the boss a different perk.

Scout = Fast Attack Speed
Sniper = Bleed Dmg
Soldier = x2 Jump Height on normal jumps
Demo = Ullapool Weapon
Medic = See Enemy Health + High Dmg to Buildings
Heavy = Holiday Punch Weapon
Pyro = Burn Dmg
Spy  = Back Stabs + Silent Kills
Engi = No Knockback

When the boss rages he turns into a random class but gets a new Rage Weapon. This weapon has 1.5x Melee Range. The boss will also do a 1.5 second stun to players and a 5 second stun to sentries in a radius of 650. The boss will also spawn minions. The minions are just normal looking players with only their melee weapon and the class they died as. The minions have normal health but high melee damage. 


Freak Fortress:

Update to Ghost Buster & Slimer boss (Pack #1)

-Renamed to Ghost Buster & Slimer v2
-350 Movement Speed
-3300 damage to 100% rage
-Health slightly below avgerage


-Fast Weightdown
=Super Jump

-600 radius sentry stun for 7 seconds
-Ecto Trap + Proton Pack: throws a Ecto Trap in front of you a short distance and switches you to Proton Pack weapon (Medigun). After 2 seconds of arming time the trap opens and you are able to use your medigun to grab up to 4 players. Anyone who gets too close to the trap will be sucked in and instantly die. You can use the medigun grab to place people into the trap and kill them.


Most Servers:

-Added interp plugin to servers that have spy combat. It will kick people who have above 0.2 cl_interp. This is because going above this value will allow Spy to get lag back/face stabs. 


-Map removals:
tfdb_blender_is_op5 (Terrible map design)
tfdb_brokenglass_b4 (Unpopular)
tfdb_doublereactor_alpha_7 (Unpopular)
tfdb_exhilecavern_v1 (Terrible map design)
tfdb_gallifrey_b6 (Terrible map design)
tfdb_hotnuke_intox (Terrible map design)
tfdb_mc_pyramids_v1b (Unpopular)
tfdb_sandvich_7e (Terrible map design)
tfdb_skibur (Broken)
tfdb_singularity (Too small/too easy to die from the map)

Freak Fortress:

-Fixed Ditto and Charizard flamethrower.


-Gave Vagineer 25% knockback reduction.
-Added effect on top of players heads when HHH rages.
-Dragon's Fury crits become mini crit damage.
-Added 25% slower reload speed to Shortstop.


-Removed koth_nucleus_event added arena_nucleus
-Removed pd_monster_mash_b1



-Added maps: vsh_jealo_b3 and vsh_gaupvahta_rats1
-Added another multi map: vsh_nintendo_multimaps_f

Freak Fortress:

The Lich King:

-Reduced base damage of minions from 45 per hit to 20.
-Decreased damage needed to get 100% rage from 4000 to 3500.


Freak Fortress:

The Lich King:

-Reduced sentry stun from 8 seconds to 5 seconds.
-Reduced player freeze on rage from 4 seconds to 3 seconds and increased boss stun time on rage from 2 seconds to 2.5 seconds.
-Reduced movement speed from 340 to 330.
-Increased damage needed to get 100% rage from 3200 to 4000.
-Reduced health by about 4%.



-Added new 24/7 2Fort server. IP: (looking for admins for this server)

-Updated !hop list removing old servers and adding Murder Mod and 2Fort.

-Added NEW plugin Watch: Type !watch or !watch <playername> in chat to use (you must be in spectator to use this cmd). Once you pick a target it will auto switch your spec view to that target. If the target dies you will be switched back to the target next time they spawn. You can disable the auto switching by typing !watch again and clicking STOP WATCHING or by just putting yourself on a team other than spec. This plugin is ment to be used along side the sm_fl command to help better watch hackers or troublemakers. Let me know if you see any issues with this plugin.


-Reset !dbstats


-Full stats reset (not gameme).


New bosses added to Pack6:

-Black Ops 3 Margwa
-Doom 2 Arachnotron
-Neo-Panzer Soldat

Freak Fortress:

New Boss The Lich King (Boss Pack #1):

-Class Demo
-Above Avg Health
-Damage to 100% Rage 3200
-Speed 340
-Base Damage 195
-50% Reduced Knockback

-Super Jump
-Normal Weightdown

-When you kill someone with your sword it spawns a 60 radius purple void. Anyone who touches the zone takes 100 damage a second.

-On rage stun all sentries in 1000 radius for 8 seconds. Freezes all enemies on the map for 4 seconds and stuns the boss for 2 seconds. Spawn ghoul minions with a ratio depending on how many players are alive. 

-The ghouls get a buff for a few seconds after first spawning. They have 500 health, increased movement speed and attack speed. When the ghoul gets a kill it will auto switch them to a steak. This is for effect they eat someone when they kill and also prevents the minions from just holding down attack key. Also they get health from the steak. Ghouls can goomba but not cap the point.

-The boss can press the reload key and it kills all ghouls on the map. The boss can be healed a max of 2380 from this. Killing 3 of your own minions will reach the max health so if you do it with more than 3 those are just wasted minions.



-Added !pc command that will open webpage to


-Updated Crab Plugin on both servers.


-Fixed the !haledmg on command.


-Sort of fixed Valve Flamethrower. Had to remove some perks from the weapon because of the attribute limit.

Mario Randomizer:

-Removed Sniper class from being able to be picked by the plugin. This should fix the crash related to Sniper weapon animations being broken by Valve.

Freak Fortress:

- Dalek - Increase reload speed
- Easter Bunny - 2500 to 3300 rage damage, decrease speed from 380 to 370
- Dark Link - 2000 to 2800 rage damage
- Neo - Change slowdown from 7 to 5 seconds
- Spyper - Fixed uncloaking. I had to make the weapon base a knife but it looks like sniper Kukri (seems Valve made it so you can only uncloak if you have a knife). You can now backstab with your weapon.
- AmishBull - 3500 to 3000 rage damage, max speed from 300 to 330, reduce knockback 50%, make melee weapon 1 hit kill everything but soldier and heavy


Freak Fortress:

Boss Changes:

-Charizard - Fixed flamethrowers ability to ignite players.

-King Dedede - Blocked from being played on vsh_remains_of_king_b1

Freak Fortress & VSH:

-Prevented the weegee and Kim Jong statues from ending the round.
-Added map music remover. (!music)
-Changed Sandman to partial stun instead of full stun.


-Added admin command sm_fart.

Mariokart Randomizer

- Flamethrowers ability to deal damage to enemies has been corrected.


Freak Fortress:

Boss Changes:
-Gordon Freeman - When you grab a player you have 1 second before your rage starts to drain. It will drain about 5 rage per second for up to 7 seconds before you drop the player.

-Doom - This boss will now get rage after taking 2700 damage. On rage he will be given a random powerup.

-Jigglypuff - Instead of making players fall to the ground people will be stunned and have a new sleep sprite animation. Increased the radius of player sleep from 800 to 1000. Increased the radius of sentry stun from 800 to 2000.

-Wobbuffet - On rage he now is immune to airblasts.

-HHH - Now has the ability to climb walls with his melee weapon same as sniper's Bushwacka.

-Neo - Will now only destroy sentries in 1000 radius instead of every sentry on the map.

Weapon Changes:
-Short Circuit - Now gives the boss 5% rage per stun.


FF2 + VSH:

-vsh_degroot_keep_hv1 updated to vsh_degroot_keep_ffv, removed cliff+tree area


FF2 + VSH:

-Map Aperture Science added knockback zone below jump elevators to fix exploit where people could go into a area below.

-Map Marketb2 blocked building in certain areas of the sewer where the boss can't get to.

-Map Novaprospekt removed building in the elevator where the boss can not get to.


-Added map tfdb_toolsheds_b4


-Map added slender_swarm_v1b


-Added maps ph_thievestown_a2 and ph_forest_b3



Maps removed from nominate list:


-Admins given ability/permission to start a vote to change the map to any map on the server even if it's not listed in nomination list.

Freak Fortress:

-The Reserve Shooter now always minicrits.


-The !kart command has been added for premium VIPs and !kartme for admin use.


New Boss Doflamingo (Boss Pack #3):

Speed: 330
Damage to 100% rage: 3000
Health: Medium
Movement: Grappling Hook
Class: Spy
Weapon: Knife
Base Damage: 180

Ability: Parasite - For 20% rage per player you can press reload key and control surrounding players (350 radius). These players will be set to melee weapon and attack teammates they can see. If there is no one around to attack they will follow the boss. Controlled players will deal less damage and take less damage. The control lasts for 12 seconds and then the player is set back to normal. This ability has a 20 second cool down between uses.

Rage: Birdcage - For 100% rage you create a laser cage around yourself in a 350 radius. The laser beams will do massive damage to anyone they touch. The cage will slowly get smaller and smaller killing players trapped inside.



-Map ph_clocktown_v7 removed.

-Maps added:


Mario X10:

-Change Market Gardener from 117 to 127


-Added vsh_military_area_b1
-Removed mini game secret from Hellaswag


VSH + FF2:

-Removed nigga sound clip from map Hella Swag


-Mummy: Reduced Max Health by 10%, Increased Rage Damage by 700, Reduced Curse Radius by 100

-Raiden: Reverted music back to old version

-Warhammer: Increased Max Health by 10%, Gave 4 second Shred Alert Taunt on Rage

-Dalek: Gave Powerplay on Rage which gives Uber + Crits for 10 seconds


I have updated the !setboss stats system on all FF2 servers.


-Stats will now be recorded more accurately.
-Stats will not be record if there are less than 10 people.
-You can now view descriptions for all bosses in the "View All" section.
-You can now sort bosses by boss pack.
-Wins and losses as the boss will be recorded for each player. The person with the most wins will be displayed in each boss's stats section.

The boss stats have also been reset. The old stats can still be viewed if you sort to the "Disabled" boss pack. Each time I do a major balance update to a boss I will be resetting the boss's stats and saving the old stats to the "Disabled" boss section.



Readded vsh_military_area_b1 upon request.

Removed vsh_abandoned_office for racist pictures and possibly causing peoples games to crash.

Added vsh_hella_swag_v3


New maps added to FF2 and VSH servers: 

vsh_market_b2, vsh_abandoned_office, vsh_rocksax, vsh_fenced, vsh_militaryzone_v3

Removed Map:



New Boss added to all FF2 servers.

Little Mac (Boss Pack #4): 

Health: Medium
Speed: Medium
Damage to 100% rage: 3500


Super Jump

Instant Weight-Down

Dash - Max Dash Charges 3; Reload key will use 40% rage and give 1 charge; Rage will give 3 charges; To use put your cross hair over a player and left click (min range 300 - max range 1000), this will cause you to leap forward towards that player. While leaping you have a 140 radius around your body for 1.75 seconds, anyone caught in that radius will be stunned and take 65 damage. Stun goes through uber, damage does not. While leaping you can't be knocked back.

Giga Mac - Using 100% rage turns you into Giga Mac for 10 seconds and give you 3 Dash charges. While in Giga Mac form you can't be stunned and your punches will do insane knockback (this knockback works on uber players). When you rage you also do a 5 second sentry stun in 1000 radius.


Super Jumping and then looking down and dashing on a player will do two seperate types of damage (Goomba + Dash damage). This can be used to instant kill Dead Ringer Spys.

Rage before going into a sentry nest so Engi can't Short Circuit Stun you.

In Giga Mac form aim toward the ground when punching will cause people to be pushed into the ground and die. Aim up on ubered Medics to cause them to fly across the map.


Freak Fortress: 

New Boss (Pack #3) Ness:

Medium Health/Speed
3300 damage to 100% rage
Afterburn Immune
Super Jump + Instant Weigh-down


PK Fire (25% rage): Throws a fast moving fire ball.
PK Thunder (25% rage: Freezes you in places, shoots slower moving thunder ball which you can control with your mouse (follows your cross hair).
PK Star Storm (85% rage): Fire balls rain down around you, the rage radius is attached to you so if you move around it moves with you.


Saxton Hale: 

-Updated HHH boss. This boss now has Bushwacka climb ability (look at a wall, jump and attack wall and it will push you upwards).

Freak Fortress:

-Updated Sub Zero code to fix infinite uber glitch with medics when the boss loses a life.


-Updated code to allow for more special rockets to be added in future updates without increasing the overall % chance of a special rocket from it's current 3%.

-Updated code to allow for custom trail attachments to rockets. Working on making team based rocket trails.

-Added neutral rocket trail to Pumpkin special rocket.


Pokemon Trainer:

-Reduced health from 800 to 670 per player
-Increased damage needed for rage from 2500 to 3000
-Reduced range of sentry stun from 600 to 500
-Reduced speed of boss from 400 to 340
-Added 40% fire rate penalty to melee

Updated models for Joker and Charmander. Thanks to TzKet-Death for updating them.



[done]Check SMAC false flagging people who use the !kart command (fixed on all servers).


[done]Add map vsh_megaman6_b4 its already on server.

[done]Remove: koth_sunset_saloon_r2_2 and Grid Floors

[done]vsh_weaponsdepot_redux_rc2 fix grinder for doing as much damage


[done]Removed taunt blocker from all taunts (check out on if people are being useless more with this change)

[done][Changes] Removed Taunt blocker allowing all taunts. Changed cap activator from 2 to 3 people and removed no cap rule temp.


[done]Look into fixing scp_containment_breach broken doors (made it so button only opens doors and wont close them)

[done]Bruiser very loud footsteps (removed loud sounds)


Kratos: +15% base attack speed

Meta Knight: Change rage teleport key from alt-fire to normal attack key, decreased lenght of rage from 10 seconds to 7 seconds, decreased rage radius from 600 to 500, decreased rage teleport cool down from 4 seconds to 1.5 seconds.

Jason: Increased base damage from 176 to 211

Hidden: Increased wait time on attacking from stealth so he should now be fully visible before he can attack.

Bio Commando: Decreased rockets on rage from 2 to 1, decreased rage damage from 2800 to 2300.

Wolf: +50% Knockback immunity

Boss Changes

Ash: 25% knockback reduction, increased stun radius to 1000, added background music

Master Chief: reduced time for ion cannon charge from 5 to 2.5 seconds, increase radius of ion cannon from 500 to 750, reduced rage damage from 4000 to 3500

Dalek: replaced Righteous Bison with Pomson, added background music

Mummy: Will force players in a radius to taunt for 4 seconds instead of stun, taunt effect goes through uber

Joker: increased damage to building

Predator: added background music

Map Changes:

arena_hmp_irongate: blocked hale hidden path teleport

vsh_hl1_boot_camp_v1: disabled bomb buttons

Fixed some broken/low volume sounds on the following bosses:

Bionic Commando
Agent Smith

Replaced Slenderman's background music

Ryu: Increased damage from 60 to 80 on fire ball and 30 to 50 on rage ball

Harley: Reduced laugh stun gas from 7 to 5 seconds

Metaknight: increased range of teleport from 1000 to 2000, reduced rage damage from 3800 to 3300

Charmander: increased stun radius from 800 to 1000

Easter Bunny: removed double jumps from boss



-Edit Mantreads to give wearer 25% extra movement speed.
-The Scorch Shot will now give a boost but less than the Flare gun. This will allow people to get to high places without taking as much fall damage.
-If you use a Shield as a Demoman you now only get Mini Crits instead of Crits on your Primary weapon.

FF2 + VSH:

Added Maps:



Saxton Hale:

-Removed Deadly Voice RTD

Freak Fortress:

-Removed Deadly Voice RTD


-Increased cannon damage per shot from 35 to 45

Pokemon Trainer:

-Increased speed from 320 to 400
-Removed 50% damage penalty from melee weapon
-Added 50% knock back reduction

Easter Bunny:

-Reduced rage damage from 3000 to 2500
-Gave Scout class so I could add triple air dash jumps to the boss
-Increased speed from 330 to 380
-Added 50% knock back reduction

Cuddly Heavy: 

-Reduced rage radius from 650 to 300

Bionic Commando:

-Removed reduced rocket speed
-Increased stun time from 3 to 6 seconds
-Increased stun radius from 350 to 600
-Removed random crits from weapons

Duke Nukem:

-Increased shotgun damage x2
-Removed random crits from weapons


-Increased damage on all melee weapons to allow for 2 hit kills
-Increased health by 130 per player
-Increased sentry stun radius from 800 to 1000
-Increased sentry stun time from 3 seconds to 6 seconds


-Added 6 seconds uber to boss on rage that takes effect even if boss is in the air


-Lowered brightness of arrow particle to help with FPS lag issues


Freak Fortress:

-Temporarily changed the nomination cool down time from 60 minutes to 35 minutes.


-Reduced rage damage from 6000 to 3500
-Changed rage to Love Hugs
-Removed random crits
-Radius of rage is now 650
-Changed main weapon to fists
-Added background music to boss


-Greatly increased speed of grappling hook


-Changed base damage to 144 per hit and removed random crits


-Changed teleport to a point teleport
-Increased rage stun radius from 500 to 1000


-Changed hell fire radius from 450 to 600
-Changed number of minions spawned from 3 to 5
-Changed damage needed to rage from 5500 to 5000


-Uber and Berserk length changed from 12 seconds to 8 seconds
-Shotgun ammo changed from 6 to 4
-Rocket ammo changed from 3 to 2
-Changed his base damage to 146 per hit and no random crits

Jeff the Killer:

-Increased clever damage from -70% damage to player to -50% damage to player

Harley Quinn:

-Changed number of fists per rage from 3 to 2
-Increased amount of damage needed to get rage from 3000 to 3300

Warhammer 40K:

-Increased radius of rage from 650 to 1000
-Increased time of stun on rage from 5 seconds to 7 seconds
-Reduced knockback by 25%
-Removed ability to get random crits
-Fixed bosses weight down
-Increased movement speed from 270 to 300
-Reduced damage needed to get rage from 4000 to 3000


-Fixed demo charge ability
-Fixed weightdown ability

Big Daddy:

-Fixed demo charge ability
-Fixed weightdown ability


-Increased stun time from 6 to 7 seconds
-Increased health
-Increased movement speed from 320 to 330
-Increased rage distance from 800 to 1000
-Decreased teleport cool down from 25 to 20 seconds

Ghost Rider:

-Increased damage of rage skulls from 40 to 100. It should do 130 damage total including after burn.



-Added maps dr_r60d_v1d, vsh_dr_xtremeway_tank and vsh_dr_runoff_b4


-Updated tfdb_nebula_a8 to tfdb_nebula_b2
-Added map tfdb_volcano_ff_2


-Added map ph_graveyard_v4


-Added !uc command to all servers. This command will give players information on the minigun summer give away.

-New map ph_haul_a1c added to PH server.

-Idle #2 and #3 map updated to achievement_idle_aboxv7_ff. This version has fixed a issue with dodgeball room being exploited and removed the course section of the map. Hopefully these changes will help with lag stuttering.

Removed backpack-tf plugin from ll servers as it seems to be broken and may be causing lag.

Added a !votepvb command (vote players versus bot) which will start a vote to spawn a dodgeball bot for all players to play against.

Added new maps:


Changed RTV % from 60% to 50% to make it a bit easier to rtv.

Changed venice_a2b back to a2a
Removed the pyro from the map
Added knock back zones for the prop team

Edited map ph_twilight_a4b:
Blocked the bell tower windows for prop team
Removed fog from the map

Removed maps:


Fixed Gaben(added new model)

Luigidoll added to pack 1
Paranoia added to pack 1
Slowerno added to pack 2

Trade 1:
Berserker room now constantly hurts you to prevent camping
Berserker room now makes you swim to prevent healing while in it


FF2 and VSH:

Fixed shelf building on rats office
Made canyon raid smaller by removing access to top section and jump pads
Blocked exploitable tower and crane areas on chernobyl


Updated Slenderman boss:

Added new background music
Increased range of rage from 500 to 1000
Added ability to weigh down
Reduced sentry and player scare length to 7 seconds
On first rage, he gets a fog of darkness and outlines all enemy players


Removed tfdb_country
Increased map nomination delay from not allowing last 7 maps, to not allowing last 12 maps.
Added tfdb_toolsheds

Added "Ghosting" to the report menu

Removed halloween
Removed treefort
Removed underworld
Increased map nomination delay from not allowing last 7 maps, to not allowing last 12 maps.


New boss Meta Knight added to all FF2 servers in Boss Pack #3

Meta Knight:
-10 double jumps
-gets parachute on jump, hold crouch to disable parachute
-150% knock back
-can't goomba players
-25% extra attack speed
-95 base damage, takes 6 hits to kill a building
-400 base movement speed
-damage to get him to full rage is 3,800
-rage lasts 10 seconds, Turns map dark and outlines all non-boss players, he can teleport twice per rage and teleport has 1,000 range, when he teleports he deals 50-200 damage to players in a 600 radius depending on how close they are

New maps added to FF2 and VSH servers:


Let me know if there are any issues. Thanks.


-FF2 changed Wolf's super jump button to reload key to prevent conflict with rage weapon.
-FF2 minions spawned by bosses will no longer be able to cap the point.


-Fixed issue with Pokemon Trainer boss. Added back Beedrill and Voltorb to rage. Fixed Gardevoir heal and Clefairy sleep effects.
-Fixed issue with Jigglypuff bosses sleep effect.


FF2 Changes:

-Increased damage needed for rage on Mario from 2100 to 2500. Decreased uber time one second.
-Increased range of teleport for Merasmus from 2000 to 2500. Decreased cooldown for teleport from 20 seconds to 15 seconds.
-Decreased movement speed for Samus from 350 to 320. Slightly decreased his health. Decreased the damage multiplier for when Samus is in ball form from x3 to x1.8. Increased the duration time for bison to charge to full damage from 8 second to 12 seconds.
-Fixed issues with Meseeks being able to be stunned while in uber during rage.

-Updated Slender servers to newest version. Added bosses Giant Solider Zombie and Floating Head to server in boss pack 2.


Updated Idle #2/#3 map:

1. Added invis wall in a exploit spot down near death path.

2. Fixed being able to throw objects through glass walls.

3. The ladder in dodgeball will no longer be removed during a dodgeball game.

4. Added pumpkin to table in castle.

-Idle Fixes:

1. Blocked RTD command from castle friendly area and all of dodgeball area.
2. Added friendly zone to waiting room in dodgeball area.
3. Fixed exploit with Phlog. If you try to use Phlog crits in dodgeball you will be slain.


-Rule change: 
"Teamswitching to stack the teams is prohibited." changed to "Teamswitching is prohibited without a admins permission."

-Saxton: Fixed issue where weapon stats would be wrong for the first boss round. Let me know if my fix broke anything else. Thanks.

-Dodgeball !dbstats have been reset.

Freak Fortress:
-Fixed picking up ammo while disguised exploit with following bosses:
Solid Snake
-Rescaled HHH boss
-Fixed goomba stomp on rescaled bosses

FF2 and Saxton:
-Fixed secret room exploit on vsh_weaponsdepot_final


Freak Fortress:

-Fixed unlimited uber exploit.

Gingerbread Man:
-Changed max speed from 350 to 330
-Changed superjump to 30 second interval teleport
-Changed player stun from 5 seconds to 8 seconds
-Added speed boost for 8 seconds during rage

-Fixed projectile penetration
-Added instant weighdown
-Added 40% knockback resistance

-Removed rage
-Increased item pickup chance from 25% to 50%

Big Daddy:
-Added 40% knockback resistance

FF2 + VSH:
-Invis-Watch now takes 3 hits to kill while active
-Dead Ringer now takes 2 hits to kill while active
-Increased recharge rate on Dead Ringer from 3 seconds to 6 seconds


-Added maps to DR:


-Fixed some issues with the Saxton Hale plugin.

- Updated Idle #2 and #3 with new map version: achievement_idle_aboxv6a_ff

-Fixed issue with ubersaw causing a player to taunt when they right click on Slender.
-Fixed a issue with the red team being able to use any taunt on Slender.

For FF2 and Saxton servers:

-Updated rocket launchers and reserve shooter so they will now once again do mini crit damage to airborne hales.
-Updated the plugin so you can now use all weapons skins (except for eureka effect and vaccinator) and strange and kill streak items should work also. If you see any issues please report to Fire or a admin. Thanks.


-Fixed issue on FF2 and Saxton with Deadringer. Hits from the hales should now do 50 damage instead of 25.

-Updated PH with new weapon skins.
-Reverted Axtinguisher and Degreaser to stats before the update on PH.
-Fixed issue with Running Gloves not draining life properly on DR.

-Restricted new dance taunt on all servers.
-Updated FF2 with new weapon skins.
-Updated Saxton with new weapon skins.
-Updated DR with new weapon skins.
-Updated Infin Ammo with new skins on Idles.
-Updated DB plugin with new flamethrower skins.
-Updated gamedata files for equip/remove wearable on all servers.
-Fixed issue with Skeleton model being invisable on DR.

Still Need to:

-Update PH with new weapon skins.
-Check out any weapon atributes changes that might be effecting game play.

Added contest info to the "Contest" tab at top of forum
Added sm_contest command which shows everyones ranks. Selecting someone brings up their profile.
Added "Contest Ranks Page" to /contestinfo MOTD

Freak Fortress:
- Agent smith's minions now cannot goomba stomp enemies
- Increased Isaac's scale from 0.7 to 1.0 to fix issue where he could not be goomba stomped
- Updated vsh_nova_prospekt_beta

koth_hyrulecastle removed from VSH and FF2 servers
Updated Freddy Fazbear model on FF2 servers

Map bearun was added to DR server.

Removed Weeping Angel boss from FF2 servers. Added HHH boss to FF2 servers (pack 2).

Added 5 seconds of bleed damage to Mad Hatter's weapon on FF2 servers.

Saxton Hale:





Freak Fortress:





Freak Fortress:
- Updated models for Luigi, Mario, Duke Nukem and Slenderman
- Fixed background music issues for Duke Nukem and Super Meat Boy

Added ph_stormy_feud_b2 to prophunt

Re-enabled rainblower taunt on dodgeball(does no damage)

- Removed respawn times
- Made Shrek main boss on swamp map
- Slightly reduced Shrek's speed
- Added 2 new rules:
        - Don't block or shoot at entrance of PVP area
        - Don't kill players outside of PVP area

Freak Fortress:

-Edited Ryu to increase fireball damage from 20 to 30. Also added extra damage immune time to him when he uses fireball and rage.
-Edited Femspy, decreased wait time on teleport, increase range on stun, increased stun time.

Fixed issue with RTD not removing unusual effects while invisible on all servers that have RTD
Fixed issue with flamethrower not allowing fast airblast on X10
Modified enforcer on X10 to have less damage boost and less reload penalty to compensate for dead ringer exploit.
Added new Ryu boss on Freak Fortress
Fixed incorrect timers on certain surf maps
Added some surf maps
Fixed 2 prophunt maps where doors were not opening
Added nobuild zones to idle 1 on the roof, outside of spawn doors, and before bridge
Working on Idle 2/3 map revisions

Trade Fun #2:
- Removed clipping on minecarts to fix people getting stuck in terrain
- Removed "Loading chunks" screen after choosing a class
- Added !goomba_on and !goomba_off commands
- Added sm_smash command for admins

Added some surf maps

-Added Goomba immune system back to Idles.

-Removed some PH maps and added two maps.

-Removed some DR maps and added some maps.

-Updated a few FF2/Saxton maps.

Boss Edits FF2:

-Removed one of Dark Pits lasers so he has max 2. Fixed his arrow damage vs players. Increased rage damage slightly.

-Removed one of Amishbulls hammers so he has max 2. Increased his rage damage slightly.

-Decreased Spyers rage damage slightly and increased his health.

-Changed Bonk Boys jump key to reload to prevent conflicts with his rage.

FF2/Saxton Fixes:

-Fixed Medic uber not staying on for full duration.

-Fixed scare slow down on rages and short circuit. It should now correctly halve your speed.

-Added call medic key for rage to Saxton.

-Edits made to Mr. Meseeks boss:

1. 8 new hair styles for the clones.
2. The main boss is always holding the Meseeks box so you can tell him apart from clones.
3. When you kill a Meseeks they vanish in puff of purple smoke.
4. Fix hit box for the boss.
5. Decreased damage to buildings by 50%.
6. Fixed glitch where the boss would die and round would continue.

-New Mr. Meseeks boss added to all FF2 servers.
-Removed Dalokohs Bar and Fishcake from all servers. These items are causing the servers to randomly crash. It seems only Valve will be able to fix this issue. Until then they are removed.
-Updated all servers that needed to be updated with new weapons that were added.
-Removed inspect all weapons script from all servers until further notice.
-Fixed a issue with Sourcebans website.
-Updated/added/removed some maps can't remember which ones.

-Updated map and cfg file for new version of ph_trainstation on PH.

-Fixed Halloween items not working on all servers.

-Updated Ash on Freak Fortress to do a 5 second player stun.

-Updated Spyper, Femspy, Weeping Angel, Servant Grunt and Wobbuffet on Freak Fortress to use Reload key for Super Jump/Teleport.

-For Saxton and FF2: Blocked off secret room in map arena_hmp_irongate because it was unfair to Hale.

-For Saxton and FF2: Fixed issue with koth_sollytude being able to fall off the map.

-New custom made boss should be coming to FF2 servers by Friday if all goes well.

-Reduced Kate speed in Slender.

-Removed maps from DR:


-Added ammo pack drops back to trade servers.

-Fixed taunt RTD on all servers with rtd plugin.

-Removed maps from Prophunt:

ph_kokiri_a4 (being fixed)

-Updated round timers on:

ph_twilight (reduced timer)
ph_clocktown (increased timer)

-Removed /me from all servers due to abuse.

-Added slay barriers to Trade #1 spawn door and windows to prevent eneimes in each others spawns.

-Added nobuild zone to diving boards on all Idle servers.

-Added new rule to all Idle servers: "Do not snipe from the boxing area/diving board."

-Changed rule on Saxton servers: "Only cap the point when necessary." to "Only cap the point if it prevents the round from being delayed."

-Changed Doom on FF2 servers. He now has a 25% chance of a power up drop when killing someone (before it was 50%).

-Added new rule to Idles, Trades and Mario servers: "Do not use your VIP powers to gain an advantage in combat."

-Updated Ironworks on DR from 03 to 05.

-Fixed issue with Rocket Bounce on Dodgeball server.
-Removed Egypt map from DR due to crash issues.
-Updated Slender Breach map to fix some door issues.
-Tider Turner fixed on x10 server.
-Added Amish Bull boss to all FF2 servers.
-Removed jail from amplitude maps on Surf.
-FF2 servers: Updated nomination system to have 1 hour cool down time. Made the map vote list randomize but everyone gets the same random list.

-Fixed gap on Idle #1 where players could shoot grenades over to other teams area.

-Updated Stripper Source to fix some issues on various servers.

-All servers updated.
-Fixed issues with Slender not loading some bosses.

-Added Conga and Kick on all servers except FF2 and Saxton. Your taunt will only last 10 seconds and you will need to wait 5 seconds before you can use it again.

-We have a Surf server for those who don't know. -[]- |24/7 Surf| [Skill Maps]
-Added ranking system to Surf. Big thanks to Mitch for coding most of the Surf server.


Sorry about not updating this for a while. I just been lazy honestly. Some stuff might be missing but this is what I can remember.

Freak Fortress Changes:
-Changed Issac rage damage from 3500 to 4200
-Changed Issac bat rage from 40% to 50%
-Changed Gentlespy rage damage from 2500 to 3500
-Added rage perk to Neo to give him 1 or 2 dash swings when he rages. You need to hold down attack key while you rage or it will expire too quickly.
-Changed Sonic default speed to 520 (max possible speed). He no longer gets speed when he rages since it's max always. Lowered his attack damage output.
-Added new Nomination timer. When a player nominates a map they will have to wait 3 hours before being able to nominate again. This happens to everyone even admins. The timer is the same as a ban timer where it will count down no matter what.
-Added more metal usage to Short Circuit. Left click hit and miss still takes 5 metal. Right click hit takes 50 and miss takes 15.
-Fixed Jiggly Rage.
-Fixed issue with a rtd exploit.
-Added new Shulk boss to server.

-Added plugin to Idles and Trade server that will block taunting in water. This should prevent people from using Meet the Medic taunt in water to annoy the server. Thanks to Sakura for making that.

-Changed demo charge on Idles so there is a short delay before you can charge again.

-Added plugin to all servers to make pan hit sound turn into fish hit sound when someone hits you. This is so people can't spam you to annoying you with loud hit sound.

-Added Reserve Admin Slots to all servers:

How this plugin works:

1. Admins and VIPs will never be kicked.
2. Depending on the server anyone on team Red or Blue will be immune from being kicked.
3. Players in spectate get kicked first.
4. If there are no players in spectate it will look at dead players to find someone to be kicked.
5. If there are no dead players it will look at alive players and kick someone randomly.

-Added new DR server: -[]- |24/7 Death Run #2|
-Added new Surf Greatriver server to CS:GO: -[]- |24/7  Greatriver [Surf]

-Bunch of maps added/removed from all the servers. Too many I can't remember. Thanks to anyone who edited maps for me or submitted issues.

-Added plugin to remove voice call spam from chat.

-Added new bosses to slender: Kate - Shrek - Aliens

-I did a lot of updates after this last major TF2 update. So many that I just didn't have time or energy to record them all. So I will list all the ones I remember.
-Fixed issue with gridwall maps doors on FF2.
-Fixed Infin ammo on all idle servers to include the new weapon skins.
-Fixed DR server to block some attributes from new weapon skins.
-Fixed Saxton Hale and FF2 adding in new weapons skins.
-Fixed invis watch and dead ringer on Saxton and FF2.
-Removed Bank map from DR.
-Fixed spawn door buttons on Idle #1.
-Fixed random crashing in PH. Updated PH to work with new weapon skins. Still need to debug some issue with round timer and jetpack flame thrower and self hurt.
-Fixed issue with exploit area on Freddy map for Slender mod.
-Blocked new Kazotsky Kick taunt from all servers except Surf and Slender due to same issues with Conga taunt.
-Added plugin to all servers allowing players to inspect any of their weapons even if they don't have a skin.
-Blocked weapon drops and ammo pack drops on all servers to avoid any exploits or unbalanced game play.
-Removed spectate xray feature that was enabled by default after last update.

Map updates on Trade #3:
-Added pool with fake water to center of map.
-Removed Kart mode being on by default on race track area.
-Added a button to turn Kart mode on/off in race track area for admins.
-Fixed 3...2...1...GO! sound clips for race track admin box.
-Made Stage bigger in VIP area.
-Added more lights to VIP area.
-Added doors between VIP area and the Stage area.
-Removed train that kills people from areas behind statues.
-Added sm_fakeitem command for admins (abuse it and I remove it).

-Updated Isaac boss on all FF2 servers. Slightly increased health and changed bats so it takes 40% of rage to use instead of only 25%.
-Added map dr_psykopat to DR server. Let me know if you see any issues with it.

-Updated all servers from Sourcemod 1.6 to 1.7. Please let me know right away if you see any issues on any server. Thanks.
-Updated ph_nightclub_v1 to ph_nightclub_v2 and ph_doublecross_a1 to ph_doublecross_a2 on the PH server.
-Added Binding of Isaac boss to all FF2 servers in Boss Pack #4. Thanks to Hylie for putting up the money to get him made. Let me know what you think of him.

-Added map slender_underground_b2 to both Slender servers. Let me know if there are any issues with this map.

-Added map ph_doublecross_a1 to the PH server. Map was converted by Stiffy360. Let me know if you have any issues with this map. Thanks.

-Updated the following maps on PH server: ph_blockfort_a1 to ph_blockfort_a2, ph_petitcourtyard_v1a to ph_petitcourtyard_v1b, ph_007facility_a6 to ph_007facility_b1.

-Updated map ph_clocktown_v3 to ph_clocktown_v4 on PH server.
-Added new vsh_treasureroom_ff1 beta map to all FF2 and VSH servers. Please let me know what you think. This map was custom made for our servers.

-Dodge Ball stats have been reset. A back up was made in case it needs to be reverted.
-Added some fixes to !setboss menu for FF2.
-Changed Trade NoF2P to Trade #3. We will no longer block F2P players from getting into this server.
-Admins from servers Trade #1, #2 and #3 will receive admin on all three servers.
-Edited the Natascha in Mario Kart X10 server so it gives 5 HP per hit instead of 30.

-Removed the ability to Goomba Stomp people from Gordon Freeman boss on Freak Fortress.
-Added new Boss Stats plugin to all the Freak Fortress servers. You can view the stats by typing !setboss in chat.
-Added ability to do !setboss <boss name> to set your boss without opening the menu. You can also do sm_setboss <boss name> in console. Example: !setboss samus

-Fixed a issue with Offline ban system for admins.
-Added Tidy Chat plugin to all server to clean up the chat so spam like MEDIC! and such doesn't show.
-Typing !propmenu into chat will now be hidden to reduce chat spam.
-Removed crit rage build up on Phlog upon admin request due to abuse on both Slenderman servers.

-Added new version of PH to the server. Hopefully this fixes some issues. Let me know if you see any problems.
-Updated map dr_bank_v2 to dr_bank_v3 on DR server.
-Added map dr_hourglass_v1 to DR server.

-GameMe added for Slender #2.
-Add back some of the map fixes that were broken from update 1.0.54.
-Fixed extended comm punishments in MarioX10 server.
-Map vsh_dday_b3 removed from all FF2 and Saxton servers upon request.
-Fixed issue with map vsh_mini_city_v3 where Engi could build on top of the black building.

-Added new PH mod version to the server. This updated version should fix the last props weapon showing. Please let me know right away if you see issues.
-PH map ph_clocktown_v2 updated to ph_clocktown_v3.
-Changed Super Meat Boy's weapons on FF2 to Ham so the boss can now see his weapon.
-Working on new Boss Stats/Info/Ranking plugin on FF2.
-Working on removing Goomba from Gordon Freeman boss on FF2.
-Working on fixing Teleswing issue for some heavy bosses on FF2.
-Map tfdb_montreal_v3 removed from DB server.

-Reverted the changes in 1.0.54 until maps can be properly tested.
-Map lists on all servers are now in alphabetical order.

-The following maps have been updated on PH. Stiffy360 updated these maps to fix lighting issues and optimization. Also ph_manorgrounds_a3 was updated to ph_manorgrounds_a4 and fixed. This map has minor improvements to the map itself. Let me know if these changes are OK and if any issues arise. Thanks.


-Map dr_wolfenstein_v2 added to DR. Should fix previous issues. Let me know if there are any issues. Thanks.

-Map arena_grid_walls removed from all FF2 servers.
-Map arena_Grid_Walls_2b added to all FF2 servers.
-Map dr_wolfenstein_v1 removed from DR server due to map bug where people can damage the boss.
-Map tfdb_shakespeare_v3 was updated to tfdb_shakespeare_v5 on the DB server.

-Added new Raiden boss to all FF2 servers in Boss Pack #3. Let me know how he turns out. Thanks to Hylie for paying for this boss to be made for our servers.
-Updated FF2 mode to help fix issues with some weapons not hiding properly on bosses.
-Added map tfdb_platform to Dodgeball server. Map created by Annoo. Let me know if there are any issues. Thanks.

-Added the following maps to all FF2 servers and the VSH servers:
Let me know if you see any issues with these maps. Thanks.
-Added new boss Brute to both Slender servers. Also a new map slender_manor_final1 was added for this new boss. Let me know if there are any issues. Thanks.

-Added Dark Pit boss from Super Smash Bros to all Freak Fortress servers in Boss Pack #1. Thanks to Hylie for paying for this boss to be made for our servers.
-Removed SourceComms from servers and Sourcebans due to MYSQL issues with the plugin.

-Updated map on Prophunt server: ph_cchotel_b3 to ph_cchotel_b4.
-Updated Sourcebans permissions for admins.
-Updated Offline ban system for admins.
-Updated Mute/Gag/Silence system on all servers and Sourcebans for admins.

-On DR updated map dr_cryptnecrodancer_v4 to dr_cryptnecrodancer_v5 to dr_cryptnecrodancer_v6
-Updated Idle map on #2 and #3 servers. The hanging lights in the bottom kill area are now unsolid so you can go through them. Also, the vent on the top area that you used to be able to hide in was made solid. If there are any issues let me know. Thanks.

-Maps removed from Dodgeball: tfdb_lazarz, tfdb_montreal, tfdb_box_glass_floor_a4, tfdb_harvest_event_a4, tfdb_trainfalls_v5. Map tfdb_swagrocket updated to version tfdb_swagrocket_final. Map tfdb_catland_v1 added to server. Map list sorted into alphabetical order upon request.

-Map ph_blockfort_a1 added to Prophunt server. Made by Marshii. Let me know if there are any issues thanks. Also added map ph_spooky_switcheroo_rc2e.
-Added !skybox command for VIPs on Trade #2.

-The following maps added to Dodgeball server. Let me know if any are shit and need to be removed.

-Updated the following maps on Deathrun: dr_supermario64_v4 to dr_supermario64_v6 and dr_cryptnecrodancer_v3 to dr_cryptnecrodancer_v4. If there are any issues let me know.

-Fixed Phlog airblast on Dodgeball.
-Updated Slender mod from 0.2.5 to 0.2.6. New setting added to !slsettings where you can turn film grain on/off. Updated overlay and some other bug fixes. Let me know if you find anything wrong. Thanks.

-Updated Megaman boss model on all Freak Fortress servers. Big thanks to TzKet-Death for making the new model for us.
-Finished up crash testing trouble shoot on all Idle servers. Added back safe zones and !karts for VIP users. Hopefully the server wont crash anymore.
-Working on fixing Phlog airblast being broken after last update. I think whatever change they made fixing a alt-fire exploit in the last update has block certain attributes from being removed. We are looking at a way around this issue.
-Added new FNAF2 map and bosses to both Slender servers. Let me know if there are any issues.

-Updated Gordon Freeman boss on Freak Fortress. He now has a 7 second timer when grabbing. After 7 seconds it will drop the player he is holding. I also reduced the grab distance slightly.

-Added new map  ph_trainstation to Prophunt.
-DeathRun map updates: dr_supermario64_v4 updated to dr_supermario64_v5 and vsh_dr_xtremeway_v2p updated to vsh_dr_xtremeway_v3p.

-Reverted speed meter on Dodgeball back to old version. Reset speed ranks on server.
-Added new option to !settings menu in Dodgeball. This new settings will allow you to toggle spectating the rocket when dead on/off. If you turn it off it will be like normal spectating on any other server. When it's on right clicking will spectate the rocket that it has done.

-Added flamethrower sound fix to the Dodgeball server on all maps. This should download a text pack to your maps folder which should null the repeating sound spam you are used to hearing. Looks like I got it to work, if you have any issues with this please let me know. Thanks.
-Removed tfdb_ovni map from DB server as requested.
-Added a automatic server restart at 5am every day on the DB server as requested. I might remove this later if it doesn't work out. If you think 5am is not a good time let me know what time you feel least number of players are on the server. Thanks.
-Working on reverting speed meter for Dodgeball and fixing rocket trails.
-Prophunt map changes: Updated map ph_clocktown, added map ph_kokiri_a4, removed map ph_spookyfeud_b1_final.
-Slender: Removed attribute "on miss take damage" for the Boston Basher and Three-Rune Blade. This should stop people from abusing these weapons to getting to areas they otherwise shouldn't be able to.
-Deathrun: updated map dr_derelict_prime to dr_derelict_prime_x.
-Mario64 Racing: Fixed the rank glitching issues. Working on fixing mushroom speed on big rainbow road, fixing big head when coming out of lighting bolt, removing railings on small rainbow road (or removing that track completely), tweaking blue shell to be more accurate.

-Added map dr_cryptnecrodancer to DR server.

-New Boss Pokemon Trainer added to all FF2 servers. There are 8 different Pokemon each with their own rage power. When you spawn as the boss you get 4 out of the 8 Pokemon randomly. When you rage you throw a Pokeball and where it lands it spawn a random Pokemon out of the 4 you were given. Let me know if you see any issues. Thanks.

-Updated rules/help menu on all servers. You can access this menu by typing into chat: !rules, !menu or !help.
-Added new TeamSpeak 3 server. You can access it using this IP: (credit to Sakura for setting up the configs.)
-Map dr_bank_beta03 added to DR. This map should fix previous issues. Let me know if it's still not working.

-Added a new server wide scripted event when someone unboxes a unusual on the Unusual Trade server. I might add this to more servers later.
-Working on a fix for kill streak eyes glitching out when someone resizes their head.
-Working on some map updates for the Unusual Trade server.

-New map ph_clocktown added to prophunt. Map converted by Samba.

-Added new Unusual Trade server everywhere:
-Created new Admin group only for the Unusual Trade Admins:
-Fixed !admins command on all servers.
-Dodgeball: tfdb_spookylava_a8 map removed upon request. Maps tfdb_float_a3 and tfdb_greybox readded upon request.
-Added sm_giveweapon to trade #2.
-Added sm_teleport for admins in Slender servers.
-Deathrun: dr_prison_escape_v8p map removed upon request. EDIT: Mart said he fixed this map. So I readded it back. Please let me know if it works or not now. Thanks.
-FF2: Added new rage effect to Jigglypuff boss.
-All: Updated Offline bans menu for admins. There is now a new option called View last map disconnected players. This option will list everyone who disconnected from the server during the last map. The old list containing recent disconnections is still there.

Slender fixes: 
-Updated Slender mod to newest public release. 
-Removed explosive knockback from the Ullapool Caber upon request due to map exploits. 
-Added Killing Floor map slender_alpha_complex_b1 to the servers.
-Updated map vote time to start when 8 minutes left in the round instead of 3. This is due to map switching issue if round ends below 5 minutes.

-Added Gordon Freeman boss to all FF2 servers.
-Fixed VIP issues with Idle servers where VIPs didn't have access to !kart and !scale.

-Removed freeze kills from Spy-cicle due to client crash issue on FF2/VSH.

-Added new Medic Gun Rubber Band mod to both Saxton servers.

-Added sm_team <name> <team #> to all servers that's didn't have it.
-Updated the FF2 Bosspack list on forums.
-Updated SpongeBob model on all FF2 servers.

-Major update to Mario64 Race mod. Including a bunch of fixes, 6 new tracks with a total of 8, back ground music added per track. I have unlocked this server to allow for public Beta testing.

-Added Needle Jump mod to FF2 and VSH servers. If you are a Medic with a Needle Gun you can shoot at the ground and jump and you will be pushed upwards.

-Added new boss Blutarch Mann to all FF2 servers. This boss can summon minions during rage and also picks random living Red players to get a Blue Skin. For 10 seconds after rage Friendly Fire is turned on so try not to attack your own team.


-FF2/VSH: Fixed Festive Gloves of Running Urgently and The Bread Bite.

-Dodgeball: Removed Lithium, Orangebox, Float, Greybox, Orbital

-Prophunt: Added back Suicide Intercept plugin to server.

-Prophunt: Added updated map ph_petitcourtyard_v1a to server.

-Trade/Idles: Added plugin that will block players from using enemy team teleporters (including spys).

-Trade NOF2P: Fixed VIP !size exploit on both spawns sniper towers allowing a persont o get into enemy spawn.

-All: Added !afkmenu to all servers. This menu is also in !admin menu under Player Commands. This menu lets you see people who have been AFK for X time. To be detected as AFK a player hasn't moved, shot their weapon or typed in chat. From this menu you can issue a kick, move spectate or warning. I suggest, in most cases, you issue a warning. Doing this will spam the players chat will a warning message telling them to move, shoot or type in chat or be kicked. After 60 seconds if a warned player hasn't moved, shot or typed they will be kicked from the server with a message explaining why. Admins are immune and will never show up as AFK in the menu.

-Mario Kart 64 Race: 3 new tracks added to the map. Improvements to sound. Added kill streak score on score board to show what place a person is in. Added end of race place display menu. Working on adding 3 more tracks to the map. Working on adding custom laps/back ground music per map/track. These changes are not on the passworded server yet as they are still being tested privately.

-Updated two Prophunt maps: ph_bigbutt_alpha_a7 and ph_007facility_a6
-Working on AFK plugin to give admins a better tool at dealing with AFK players.
-Working on adding Donator VIP to Slender servers upon request.
-Working on finishing up Mario Kart Race Beta for public release. Two or more circuits will be added to the map.
-Added tfdb_spookylava_a8 to Dodgeball server.

-Added Ragnaros to boss pack #3 on all FF2 servers.
-Frank Manera & The Groom from Outlast added as new bosses to both Slender servers.
-Added the following maps to FF2 and VSH servers:
-Removed vsh_dr_crash_bandicoot_v6 from DR server upon requests.
-Added commands sm_goto <player> and sm_bring <player> to the DR server as requested.
-Added rubber band medic to all FF2 servers. If you are a medic and you have 50% or more uber charge you can press and hold jump and you will follow whoever you are healing even if they rocket/sticky jump. You must have 50% or more uber and you must hold down jump key.

-Added new map voting system to the following servers: Death Run, Saxton, Dodge Ball, Slender, Prop Hunt, Surf.

-Added new Ignignokt boss to all FF2 servers. He is the pixel looking guy from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
-Added new festive weapons and the three new weapons to MarioX10 server.

-Fixed Iron Bomber and Quickiebomb Launcher from allowing you to grenade jump on DR. Also fixed Festive Bonk on DR.
-Iron Bomber, Quickiebomb Launcher, Panic Attack and new festive weapons given infin ammo on Idles.
-Fixed Prophunt damage and jetpack bug. Also updated the weapons config fixing some of the new and festive weapons.
-Added Iron Bomber, Quickiebomb Launcher, Panic Attack to MarioKart Randomizer plugin.
-Fixed Festive Targe, Festive Backburner, Festive SMG on FF2 and VSH servers.

-Added new map voting system to both Slender servers.
-Ran a public Beta of Mario Kart 64 mod. Working on fixing it up and fine tuning some problems. Working on sounds and new maps.

-Added health bar to VSH servers as requested.

-Added !ffa command to Dodgeball server. If 60% of the server type !ffa in chat it will start a vote. The vote will be to turn on FFA mode or to leave it off. The winning vote will be implemented in the next round. When FFA mode is enabled all deflected rocket will target any living player (even those on your team), the round ends when one person is left alive. You will notice in FFA mode that your team might be switched mid round. This is because DB maps are arena maps and that game mode will end the round if everyone on one team dies. Every map change the FFA will be turned off and need to be revoted for. If you see any issues let me know.
-Fixed Festive Frontier Justice on FF2.

-Fixed PH server from crashing clients thanks to Valve update patch.
-Fixed Sourcebans so it will now show in the popup box when someone is banned the length of their ban in minutes.

-Removed restrictions from Baby Face and Holiday Punch on FF2 and VSH.
-Fixed Holiday Punch so it will no longer make people laugh taunt and the crits do damage.
-Fixed Baby Face so it no longer gives extra speed boost. Increased clip from 4 to 6 and removed default speed reduction.
-Fixed Dead Ringer on FF2 and VSH.

--Added !scale and !kart commands for VIPs to Trade #2.

-Edited the Offline Bans menu for admins. This menu will now list the most recent players who have disconnected first.

-Removed map ph_swamp_a6 from PH server.
-Reset all points to 1000 on the PH server. All other stats will remain just the points have been reset. I have kept a backup of points just in case. I may create a site later which you can access in game to see the old scores.
-Reset all stats in the !dbstats menu. Kept a backup just in case people get upset over the stats reset. However, I think it was long over due for a reset.
-Added !ks to DB server.
-Updated PH and DB servers !ks plugin. It will not auto set everyone's kill streak to 100. This way you don't need to type !kson every round. If you want to turn it off just use !ks and it will save that setting for you.
-Updated website HUD Logo on all servers. Raised the text up a bit so it wouldn't be blocked by the Kill Streak HUD.
-Changed the Friendly Zone on Idle servers Surf Ramp into a Melee Zone. This way you can still kill people on Surf Ramp but only with melee weapons.

-Fixed issue with Dodgeball server creating death match rounds. Had to remove the Enhanced Item Messages plugin that would print out things like <Player> has traded for: Refined (X10). Will be working on a fix to readd this plugin later.
-Did a lot of boss tweaks:

Golem - Added Hellfire rage to his list of rage abilities. Should set people on fire and do a bit of damage over time in a radius while the rage is going on. Increased health a bit.

Femspy - Removed her rage cloaking and replaced with a invis watch.

Cuddly Heavy - Added a 8 second sentry stun to his rage, decreased knockback by 15%.

Bill - Slight increase in health, 1 second increase to sentry stun rage, changed his rage stun radius from 350 to 700, gave him faster weightdown ability.

Bowser - Removed.

Grey Alien - Reduced number of beams from 20 to 5, reduced radius of beams spawn from 600 to 200, increased sentry stun time from 6 to 8 seconds, removed knockback immunity, slowed attack speed, increased teleport cooldown from 10 seconds to 30, increased rage damage from 2500 to 3500, slight increase in health.

Merasmus - Changed knockback reduction from 50% to 15%

Pain - Decreased rage radius from 1000 to 700, decreased rage time from 10 seconds to 7 seconds.

Samus - Decreased Bison/Bomb fire rate from .5 seconds to .8 seconds, lowered health, increased rage damage from 3500 to 3700, removed random crits from weapons.

Grievous - Removed random crit chance from his minions.

Bionic Commando - Increased range damage to 2800.

Goofy - Increased damage to building, replaced The Boston Basher with The Necro Smasher for themed weapon.

-Updated NOF2P map. Added teleports to race track, rack track command box for admins only, a new VIP area which also can be used for events and some other minor tweaks and fixes.
-Fixed a issue with melee room spamming sounds on NOF2P.

-Fixed The Nostromo Napalmer not getting unlimited ammo on idles.
-Fixed exploit with melee zone allowing players who used a new exploit to make it so they have no melee weapons to enter with guns.
-Working on updated map for NOF2P, 90% finished.
-Reported exploit on Prophunt where if the last prop switched props they would lose their gun.
-Fixed Halloween items not being usable on servers.
-Added protection to the Melee zone in NOF2P so Karts can no longer be inside.
-Added a exploit fix to a bunch of servers. This fix will solve the no melee weapon exploit going around. If you try to spawn without a melee weapon it will give you the default weapon your class uses.

-God mode for admins will now also block self damage.
-Fixed !size plugin to block resizing when in a kart or if you are resized already and go into a kart. I didn't want people having friendly mode in karts.
-New version of Prophunt added to server. Possible fix for spell book? Let me know.
-Added team filtered slay barriers to sniper area in NOF2P. This should prevent people from getting into other teams spawn zone.

-Upgraded Slender #1 from 24 to 32 slots.
-Added new 32 slot Slender #2 server.
-Fixed ban menu not displaying Perm Ban option.
-Updated slender map to new version slender_containmentbreach_v1b.
-Fixed sm_hp not working on Idles.

-Fixed door issue with vsh_manor_event_pb1 on FF2 and VSH servers.
-Started working on Mario Kart Racing/Battle mod. Will probably be a while before anything is shown but it's being looked into.
-Fixed dead chat on DB not allowing living players on the enemy team to see dead chat.

-Fixed some stability issues with the server.
-Patched some issues created during last update.
-Valve has fixed !outline. This also fixes issue with outline not working on FF2/Saxton.
-Added !kart/!kartme and !scale to Trade #1.

-Added Five Nights at Freddy bosses and map to Slenderman server.
-Removed maps from FF2 and VSH servers: vsh_toro_b1_xmas, vsh_merida_v2, koth_hole_alpha, koth_aperture_science_iiia, vsh_castle_siege_b8.
-Added maps to FF2 and VSH servers: koth_graveyard_beta, koth_mario_kart_v1b_event, vsh_castle_siege_b11, vsh_manor_event_pb1.
-Latest TF2 update broke some stuff in Sourcemod. I have recently updated the servers with a new version and hopefully it is fixed. There might still be some unknown issues so please let me know if you see things acting weird.
-When a player dies in DB their items follow whoever they spectate. This was caused by the last update and is being looked into. At the current time I have no way to fix it.
-Removed koth_mario_kart_v1b_event because it crashed the server. Looking into it.

-Fixed Kart exploits in NOF2P server. Fixed exploit where you could switch teams in a Kart to get into enemy spawn. Fixed exploit where you could use Kart command to enter enemy teams spawn. Blocked taunting while in a Kart.
-Coded open/close Race Track teleport scripting for upcoming NOF2P map edit.
-Should be getting Five Nights at Freddy bosses and map soon for Slenderman server.
-Added 3 Days and 5 Days to the ban list in the admin menu upon request on all servers.
-Working on map fixes for Trade NOF2P and Trade #2. Map Fixes for NOF2P include adding a teleport to race trace, adding a admin command to turn race track teleport on/off at will, fixing lighting near boxing stairs, making cars on race track not collide with players, possible new VIP/Event area. Map Fixes for Trade #2 include, taking Overworld and The End Zone from newer map version and porting it into the old map, adding a VIP/Event area.

1.0.1 (11/02/2014):
-Added !scale/!kart/!kartme to Trade NO F2P for testing. Also added Kart zone to the race track. Anyone that goes into the race track area will become a kart.
-Removed !skybox from Trade #2 until a proper skybox can be added.
-Fixed dead chat on Dodgeball finally.
-Fixed back stab damage on trades and idles instant killing players that have been given a lot of health with sm_hp command.
-Granted access to sm_hp and sm_grab to Idles.
-God mode will now block Goomba Stomp.
-Fixed Necro Smasher and The Nostromo Napalmer on Prophunt.
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Re: Change Log (Last Update: 11/23/2014)

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Re: Change Log (Last Update: 12/05/2014)

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