Hitman Sparky's Application

Hitman Sparky
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Hitman Sparky's Application

Postby Hitman Sparky » Mon Mar 09, 2015 5:11 am

In-Game name(s): Hitman Sparky [MCT]

I am applying for admin on the Unusual Trading Server.

My SteamID is STEAM_0:1:13772726 and Steam community page is http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197987811181

Admins who have referred me

Highest BP Value (In Buds)
My highest backpack value according to bp.tf is 15 buds (powersurge TC). The reason for it is due to the number of unpriced or expired priced unusuals I have traded for (examples include: amarathine brown bomber I currently have ((now priced)) or powersurge TC)

How long have you been trading?
I have been trading since the Mannconomy update hit back in 2010. I believe my first unusual hat I traded up to was a circling TF logo Fruit Shoot, and the first unusual I put up for sale on TF2 trading sites were a Blizzardy Storm TC

Have you held a previous administration position? If so, which group?
I have had 13+ years of forum experience and 8+ of Steam and non-Steam game-server experience. Various small ones which do not exist now and names I have long forgotten.
The most well known position I have had was from 2012 untill 2014. I was an admin for KritzKast, a TF2 podcast. My task was helping out with their servers and events. Due to my contributions within KritzKast, I was awarded a Lo-Fi Longwave (which can be seen in my inventory). You can also ask a KritzKast host to verify I was an administrator for them.

Are you currently an administrator for any group? If so, which group?
Currently, I am a administrator over at Pink Taco's Mann Co Trading, and have been on their staff since September 2013. My MCT Admin tag which is displayed on SteamRep can verifiy said position.

Do you trade in CSGO?
I sadly do not trade in CS:GO, but as of 3/7/15, I have made efforts to trade and start my involvement within the newly developed Counter Strike trade community.

Are there any bans/disputes against you in any TF2 Trading Site?
I have not been bannd on any TF2 trading site, and currently, there are none against me.

Why are you applying?
I do enjoy the trading community and many users who partake in such practices. Helping users with trading and administration is something I hold dearly, therefore, since this server is fairly new, I can apply what I currently know and make this server better for all. Helping users with trading and administration is something I hold dearly, therefore, since this server is fairly new, I can apply what I currently know and make this server better for all.

What can you do for us?
With the demand for experienced individuals for trade communities, I have taken upon myself to apply. As previously stated, protection from malicious users, awareness for the new and seasoned veterans, and upholding of reputation are all important factors when assisting in management of a trade server.

Why should be accept you?
I have the dedication, loyalty, and experience that is expected out of any administrator. I am highly devoted to the trade community and would love to assist this community. Furthermore, I know how to protect users and communities and I would like to help stop threats which would emerge here (I.E: scammers)

Roughly how many hours a week can you devote to the server?
The devotion of the hours varies depending on the week. Per day, I can devote around 4-6 hours. On weekends, I can devote much more (around 8-12 hours depending on which day on the weekend). The reason due to there being less hours to spend on the server is due to work.

Anything special that you can do/have done that others haven't? (Frequent Paypal middleman, Successful broker, Popular price-checker)
Some would say becoming an admin for KritzKast or MCT is something special to note. Many people apply and applied to be in those positions, and very rarely do people get accepted.

Anything else we should know about you? (i.e. Favorite unusual, tf2 gamemode, soundtrack, etc.)
My favorite class is the Heavy, and I have partaken in competitive TF2 for Season 11. The medal of participation can be viewed in my inventory.
Oh, and feel free to add me, I don't bite! <3
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Re: Hitman Sparky's Application

Postby Ibuix » Sat Mar 21, 2015 2:17 am

After seeing you a few times around unusual trade as well as well as personal encounters, I have not seen enough evidence that you have what it takes to handle adminship. While I do see you on a bit more compared to other applicants, I do not feel that you are quite capable of enforcing the rules to the proper extent, and I haven't seen the kind of dedication I would hope for in an unusual trade admin. I am Neutral for now. I think you have some great potential, so work hard man, this could very well change based on how well you can show me you would do.
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Re: Hitman Sparky's Application

Postby LewandaSillyFeathers » Tue Apr 21, 2015 5:15 am

My status as of now is a no. Reason being is that you seem a bit immature at times and I rarely see you in server anymore. Show me some maturity and rule enforcement and I may change my mind.

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