McLovin's Re-Application for Admin

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Re: McLovin's Re-Application for Admin

Postby monkey » Mon Apr 27, 2015 9:15 pm

McLovin wrote:Lets go down the list here.

Monkey: The reason why you never see me on the server is because your never on when I'm on. The only people who I see on that server when im on is Ibuix. Fire and Lewanda, I had some RL issues that some people know about. Yes I am with SC right now but I am not a admin on the servers.Im a admin on the fourms due to the fact that i crabbed out so i took a leave I deal with the applications and bans involving the community. and Monkey. Btw Put a profile picture on here! Lmao

Lewanda: Yeah I know I was cleaned out from crabbing which I understand where your coming from. You know why I have been unactive due I think. If not then let me know but Lucifer is helping me get back into tf2 to have something to start with so I'm trying to get back up to the top.
my votes a no. i find you really immature. i havent seen you connect to the servers even if its not during my times. I find you irresponsible honestly and quite annoying as thats the reason why i removed you.

Pretty sure we can DENY your application now.
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Re: McLovin's Re-Application for Admin

Postby SpicyCandy » Mon Apr 27, 2015 9:57 pm

Going to put your application on hold for now.

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