The Classic in FF2

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The Classic in FF2

Postby NerfPlayeR135 » Thu Aug 30, 2018 12:20 am

The Classic is a pretty underrated weapon in FF2, in my opinion. I use it often, since tunnel vision while charging is usually the reason I die when I have any other rifle equipped. I enjoy being able to charge a shot while still being able to see clearly, then scoping in once the boss is in my sights.

I feel like that ability is incredibly underrated, and I would like the Classic to be buffed in FF2 to make it more appealing to use. Specifically, I want the "No headshots unless fully charged" penalty to be removed. On every other sniper rifle (excluding the Hitman's Heatmaker), headshots are absolutely worthless in nearly all situations, but the Classic deals normal sniper rifle damage upon a headshot due to its bodyshot damage reduction. Yes, I know that removing the debuff would have a rather small effect, especially on bosses whose models don't correspond with their hitboxes, but getting a lucky headshot is always a pleasant surprise, and it would only increase the damage done by less than 50, which barely makes a dent on pretty much every boss but adds up over time.
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