Hidden buffs/QOL changes.

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Hidden buffs/QOL changes.

Postby Natsumehack » Tue Sep 11, 2018 4:27 am

Let's be honest Hidden is pretty weak and at the moment Zorark is just a buffed version of him at this point. Zorark is all the round better.

One QOL change is to move his Wall cling to Mouse 3 as right now, Using it when it' on mouse 2 only wastes your cloak.

Another possible change is to give him a bit of reduction in airblast vulnerability to make him dealing with airblast a bit better.

Another way to do the above change is just to give him A quickfix uber on top of his normal uber for his rage that also make using his rage better for dealing with the lesser amount of HP he has.

Of course If we look to the game he comes from for inspiration a interesting Idea comes to mind.

We all know the hidden has less Hp then other bosses why not make it a gimmick where on a kill he gain some his lost HP back like he does in The game. That make him far more unique ad different

If any one else has some Idea please share.
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Re: Hidden buffs/QOL changes.

Postby Benstartri » Tue Sep 11, 2018 5:41 am

I like the idea of putting the wall cling to Mouse 3 so it doesn't conflict with the cloak. I don't know of what other key to bind that to. I also like the idea of airblast immunity on the Rage since his rage doesn't last long as it stands right now.

I believe that the Hidden is a boss that takes patience and skill to use, but with the Hidden's low winrate, some small changes can go a long way. I don't really have any ideas that can help with this personally, but I like your ideas. They're a start.
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