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Scope's Reports

Postby Scopes » Sun Apr 14, 2019 7:22 am

Your in-game name: -[FF]- Scopes
Your in-game Steam Community Link:

Rulebreaker's Steam Community Link: AND (In the case, that you cannot retrieve the link and/or name, do not make the report. Instead inform the admins of the server and they will look out for the rulebreaker.)

Server on which the rulebreaking occured:TF2Ware

Witnesses:No one

Proof (Chat Logs, In-game Screenshots. Note: We request that all chat logs be screen-shotted, as chat logs can be falsified.) Here is a youtube link of the report One of em called me a fag which is player disrespect and then the other one was talking shit about the server.
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