Scope's Admin/Trial Mod Application.

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Scope's Admin/Trial Mod Application.

Postby Scopes » Sun Apr 14, 2019 5:56 pm

In-Game name(s): -[FF]- Scopes

I am applying for admin on the Slender Fortress server

My SteamID is STEAM_0:0:104466972 and Steam community page is

Admins who have referred me: None sadly :( {THE ONLY STAFF I SEE ONLINE IS KrYsTo. did saw King Demo too. never see others unless im blind/don't see other staff online.}

I would make a good admin because : I love the Community of Disc-FF But sadly i have 30-31 hours. I hope That i could get in and I have never been staff before on team fortress 2. Only on gmod i have been staff before. but i would kick/ban/warn rulebreakers. And if people are micspamming or saying disrespectful things i would mute them for 30 mins or an hour. And I hope i get inside the staff team. If i don't then thanks for reading this application at least! [And I know all the basic rules and slender rules]

Other things I should mention are : I have never used Sourcemod Or whatever staff commands use. Also I am 14 Years old [Turning 15 in 2 months]. Also i have a mic too. And The Only staff online i see on slender fortress is KrYsTo. and sometimes King Demo :D
If i don't get accepted thanks for at least reading this <3!
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