Jaunty's re-application for Idle #1 admin

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Jaunty's re-application for Idle #1 admin

Postby JAUNTY » Mon Jul 08, 2019 9:44 pm

In-Game name(s): Jaunty

I am applying for admin on Idle #1

My SteamID is STEAM_0:0:57325489 and Steam community page is http://steamcommunity.com/id/marrow300

Admins who have referred me: Katty, Nathan

I would make a good admin because: I've been an admin here before, I left earlier in the year because I had things that were starting to go on in my life that would have very much affected my time on the server, no longer making me qualify for the position. With things cooling off as of late I've been active again, since Nathan and Bloke are mostly night admins I feel like this server desperately needs an early-mid day admin to keep things in check.
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Re: Jaunty's re-application for Idle #1 admin

Postby Katty| » Mon Jul 08, 2019 11:59 pm

Add me to your referrals. No need to explain hope to see you as admin again!

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Re: Jaunty's re-application for Idle #1 admin

Postby Nathan_TK » Tue Jul 09, 2019 2:28 am

Let’s be real here; Jaunty has already proven himself capable of being an Idle admin, and having someone to help out when I’m at work during the day would really help out the server. Add me to your list of referrals man.

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Re: Jaunty's re-application for Idle #1 admin

Postby AttackingLizard » Fri Jul 19, 2019 3:12 am

You got my referral chief welcome back to the team.

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Re: Jaunty's re-application for Idle #1 admin

Postby Fire » Fri Jul 19, 2019 3:19 am


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