Appeal for permanent ban received 7 years ago

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Appeal for permanent ban received 7 years ago

Postby Eievui » Sun Jan 05, 2020 1:35 am

My Steam Community Link:
My Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:66209005

Which Admin Punished Me: Billowz
Type of punishment: Ban
Server where I received the punishment: an achievement_idlebox server. (According to my ban entry, the IP is but I can’t find a matching IP in the server list, so I can’t get the exact server I was banned from)

How long they punished me for: permanent

Reason why they punished me: literally, the reason given is written as “2999999”. I don’t know if that is a code for something and couldn’t find any explanation for it so I don’t know why I was banned.

Reason why I think this punishment is unfair/uncalled for/biased, etc.: This was a long time ago back in 2013 so the details are hazy and this is what I remember what happened right before I was banned. I was on an achievement_idlebox server and was Engineer. I built a teleporter that connected the skybox and my team’s spawn and all I did was go through the teleporter, took the teleporter in the skybox that brought you back to spawn, and go back through my teleporter and repeat. I was not trying to troll or teleport into the enemy’s spawn and spawn camp the active players and to my knowledge was harmless. Maybe the constant teleportations caused lag to other players, but I don’t know because I don’t recall getting any complaints.
I was also a fairly new player back then and this was also my first ban, and I think it’s unfair to permanently ban an (at the time) new player for something without explaining to them what they were doing wrong and without warning.

Reason why you should remove the punishment: As I said above, I don’t think it was fair to permanently ban me for my first offense without explanation or warning. I also think the “official” reason for banning me is unfair and doesn’t make sense. I looked through other players’ bans and didn’t see anything similar to that, so I don’t why the admin that banned me wrote that as the reason for banning me. If it was because I was somehow causing problems by constantly teleporting, I am sorry and didn’t know. If that isn’t why, I would like to know the actual reason.

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Re: Appeal for permanent ban received 7 years ago

Postby Fire » Sun Jan 05, 2020 4:46 am

I can't find any other details for this ban. As well, the admin who banned you is no longer part of the team.

For these reasons and because of how long ago this was issued I have lifted your ban.

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