Deathstalker's admin application for MarioKart X10

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Deathstalker's admin application for MarioKart X10

Postby Deathstalker606 » Tue Jun 30, 2020 4:15 pm

In-Game name: Death

I am applying for admin on the MarioKart X10 server.

My steam ID is STEAM_0:1:458844965 and my steam community page is

Admins who referred me: no one yet

I would make a good admin because I know all the rules of the server and if i would get admin i would enforce the rules. Another reason is that I don't let people get underneath my skin so i would not abuse the power i would get if someone was trash talking me or trying to insult me. Here is a couple of examples of what i would do in a couple of situations.(If someone was mic and or chat spamming I would give them 2 to 3 warnings and if they keep doing it after the warnings i would ether mute then from using the mic or using the chat.) Another example.(If someone put down a spray that was ether pornographic and or has to much gore in it I would warn that player who put the spray down then remove the spray)Last example.(If someone is on and I think they a suspicion of hacking or exploiting I would first watch them play without saying anything and if at all possible i would try and test that player with a clock and dagger spy or rocket jumping to see if they kill me though clock multiple times and or shoot me out of the air multiple times and for the shooting me out of the air i will only count the kills when im going fast enough where even skilled player have a hard time to hit me)

Other things that i should mention is that most of the time i can come on anytime ever once in a while i do have thing i need to do at home. Another thing is sometimes when im in a call i have been told that hey can hear my mother in the back ground so i will try and let that happen as little as possible when in calls.

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Re: Deathstalker's admin application for MarioKart X10

Postby deadmemescentral » Wed Jul 01, 2020 4:03 am

Death has been on the server for a little bit now and I have seen good things from him

however being as new as he is I don't know if admin at this time would be the wisest choice, because even if one knows what the rules are its how to enforce them right thats key and i myself have heard no questions or comments on it.

I would also like to see an increase in hours since at the moment they are fairly low

Currently i am neutral more leaning towards No


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Re: Deathstalker's admin application for MarioKart X10

Postby edrago04 » Sun Jul 05, 2020 12:17 am

Death has been a reg for a few months now and for the most part he is fine but id like to see some more maturity and respect from him to all players and I would also like to see him have more hours on the server.

Currently I am neutral leaning towards No
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