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Re: Murder Server

Postby Buttstab69 » Thu May 16, 2019 7:18 pm

On the map Treasure Room I've found that as Jack the Ripper you are able to bypass the fence blocking off the other side of the map by jumping under it onto the island. If someone does this the sheriff will not be able to shoot them due to the fence and invisible wall, so someone could just screw around over there wasting everyone's time.

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Re: Murder Server

Postby Bisho » Wed May 22, 2019 1:25 am

Some Suggestions For Murder

1. First of them, a very discussed idea: Sheriff Roles. I've heard problems with non-one-shot-kill guns, well, instead of checking if the user Killed an innocent bystander, check if the user Shot an innocent bystander. If that's possible, we can continue with this:
  • First of all, the message would be {User} shot an innocent bystander!.
  • If an innocent bystander picks up a gun, load the DEFAULT class to not make it complicated.
  • First Sheriff Role Idea, a Support Sheriff. It applies Jarate (Or whatever it marks him) on the Murderer, if not shot at the murderer, lower karma, drop gun and blinding. The Jarate does not do damage, but the weapon shot does 15~30 damage. However, it can be easily countered and confused with The Hunter's Gun or Shinobi Caltrops. If people are smart, they can find the difference with Hunter poison and marked Murderers. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO NECESSARILY BE JARATE.
  • Second Sheriff Role Idea, a Multiple Shots Sheriff. It has 3 bullets on the weapon's clip, each one does 50~70 damage, but it has 10% less accuracy and a little bit more of reload time. For those people who are confident of their shots. Lowers Karma, Drops Gun and Blinds when shot at an innocent.
  • Third one, another Support Sheriff idea. The weapon does 40~60 damage and it slows down the Murderer for ~5 seconds. Has higher reload time and 5% less accurate. Again, lowers karma, drops gun and blinds when shot at an innocent.
2. Some reworks on the murderer classes:
  • Hunter: Easy one, it's op. A viable nerf would be with its ESP: Only the people who were poisoned at some time, show on its ESP. About the speed, maybe lower the recharge time.
  • Cloaker: If it's going to be re-added (Probably not), remove its Dead Ringer. The idea of Cloaker I get its a class that can cloak for a long time, freaking people out, not him having 2 lives. Keep the higher regen speed and longer duration of its stock cloak watch.
  • Jack Frost: Its ability is broken. He can cloak and uncloak in less than 1 second, almost infinitely. I would put less duration on its cloak.
  • Agent: The cloak consume when it disguises is innecessary. Remove it.
  • Butcher: Its cleaver regen times seem a little slow, I would make it a little bit faster.
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Re: Murder Server

Postby Mitch » Wed May 22, 2019 9:29 pm

I would love to implement sheriff classes, seems you have some pretty good idea that gets around the whole "shooting every one to 'prove' those people are innocent." trope. Thank you for the suggestions. For the Jarate Sheriff it could be a milk effect which makes damage to the murderers increased, and will differ from the Poison effect.

I'll look into balancing those mentioned, they seem like logical changes.

If you want to brainstorm ideas for a new class one that I plan on working next is a Geomancer of types. (We already have Fire and Ice, might as well work on more elemental types..)

And possibly adding in one more class.
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